When faced with the prospect of a party theme of "Anything But Clothes," instead of going for the naked look, I went for the pretty, poufy, princess look instead.  I have never felt prettier in a dress, even though it was made out of garbage bags and duct tape!

Step 1: Collect materials

For this project you will need:
-duct tape
-roll of clear garbage bags
-clear scotch tape
This is cool and easy to make thanks :D i would like to try and make it with strips of fabric<br>I was the 100th like as well :0
<p>Well, I'm honored! If you do make it out of fabric, please post a picture or even make your own Instructable! I'd love to see how you do it!</p>
I mean favourite
Exactly how many garbage bags do you need?
I didn't count, sorry!
Would this work as a type of crinoline?
I'm making this for my 15 year old daughter, great Idea. I went to the dollar store and got some pink trash bags, and the duct tape too. Spent $4.00, will use velcro to make it easy for her to take it on and off.
this was just what i needed to add some poof to my poodle skirt. i spent most of my budget making it and did not have the money left for a crinoline. perfect alternative. thanks
Wow, this is FABulous!!! I am looking to make something for Halloween that is something like a Project Runway challenge. :-) How long did it take you to make both the skirt and top?
how ;long did it take you to make it
How fun! I'm going to a zombie prom next weekend, and this looks like an ideal skirt/dress to wear. (Well, once I grunge it up. lol)<br>Thanks for sharing! =)
Is it wrong that I secretly want to use white tape and just get married in this? I NEED to do this project. :)
Not at all! The tape for the top comes in white. Send me a message if you want a link for it! and post a picture if you end up doing it! Or just making it for fun, :)<br> I secretly sort of want this to be my wedding dress too, haha
Do you have to use clear garbage bags? I totally just went out and bought like five million white ones.
You could probably use the black bags or something, I just happened to have a ton of clear ones. The clear ones also were lighter weight than the heavy duty black bags so that might have helped make it poofy-er than one made form heavy duty bags. Post a picture!
I'm loving the poufiness!<br>I am having a Big Fat Gypsy birthday party....... I wanted to make a dress from something a bit different...... and cheap!<br>I think I will try your idea with wider bags?.... Or perhaps 2 layers to make it a long skirt?<br>Thanks for the inspiration! :o)
Oh wow, I would love to see pictures! I love that show and it sounds like an awesome theme for the birthday party!
What did you wear for a top?
It's PVC tape, which is just what it sounds like. It sticks to itself but nothing else and I just wrapped it around my torso.
It looks GORGEOUS. I am so excited to try it.<br>One question... How does it fare on the noise scale? Like ihoffart I'm thinking of using it as a crinoline (I miss mine back home!).<br>Thanks for sharing!
Well, it does make that crinkly sound, obviously, but it wasn't too bad. Post a picture is you make one!
Not only is it cute, but could substitute as a crinoline. MUST MAKE!!!<br>
Post a picture if you make one! I would love to see the ones other people make!
Oh totally!!
i just made one of these, teal duct tape top, black garbage bag skirt, and a duct tape hair bow.<br>i love the idea, thanks!
Oh that sounds awesome!!! Please post pictures!
That is SO amazing, I have vanilla smelling plastic/garbage bags, they smell amazing! So I figured I would smell pretty good :D I was wondering, how do you make the skirt so poufy?
This would be awesome with scented bags! The skirt is poufy just from the many layers and the air between the layers of bags. If you make one, post pics!
Wow, you can make ANYTHING look beautiful! Now, any ideas/plans for corrugated cardboard?
well, not yet, but ABC is in the spring and I might through together something new for that this year...and of course make an instructable about it!
Any idea of how well this would work as a pannier, or underskirt? Would the fabric decrease the poofiness?
It would probably work well with a lightweight fabric but anything heavy would probably decrease the poofiness. I was able to compress this skirt into a box about 1/8th of its size, just to give you an idea. The poofiness it all the air within the garbage bags and it can be easily squeezed out. Great for packing and storing, not as great for holding up heavy fabric, unfortunately. Please do experiment though! I'd love to see if you end up making one!
Yeah, of course heavy fabric would be a no-go. I was only wondering, since I'm a fan of the EGL look, and poofy skirts are fantastic.
yes, poofy skirts are awesome :) You could totally add a layer of frilly, colored tulle or something and that would probably work. Hmm, I'm getting more ideas now! haha
great idea, nice ible, cute dress and yes, I only opened it 2 c how cute u r.... u R
Glad you liked it. If anyone makes one, post pictures!
That's awesome!
Thank you! It was super fun to make :)
Looks great... One Question... ...what did you do for underwear?
I just wore regular underwear. If you have enough layers for adequate pouf then you shouldn't be able to see through the skirt.
Oh, I thought normal clothes weren't allowed... was envisioning duct tape underwear lol... yeowch!
Well, some people are really hard core about it and do stuff like that, haha.

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