Step 3: Attach the plastic bags

To make the poufy skirt, start with one clear plastic bag.  I used the kind that are for smaller garbage cans.  Cut the bottom off of the bag and open it up so you now have a plastic tube.  Hold it flattened out to the tube forms a rectangle with two open sides and two attached sides.  Start on one of the attached sides, stick the corner of the rectangle to the bottom 1/2 inch of the duct tape.  Continue to attach the side of the tube to the duct tape, gathering (making little folds to it gets scrunched up) as you go.  When you have the entire side of the bag attached to the duct tape, it should look like the 7th picture below.  The bottom of the skirt should be connected and the two open sides of the bag should be on either side.  Continue adding bags along the base of the duct tape until you get to the end.
When you have the first layer done, start again right above the first row of bags to add another layer to the skirt.  Continue adding layers of bags until you have a bout an inch and a half of sticky duct tape left and the top.  Cut another piece of duct tape the same length of the waistband and line it up with the top edge of the waistband with the bags attached to it.  Stick the two sticky sides of the duct tape together so that the duct tape wont stick to you when you wear the skirt!
I'm loving the poufiness!
I am having a Big Fat Gypsy birthday party....... I wanted to make a dress from something a bit different...... and cheap!
I think I will try your idea with wider bags?.... Or perhaps 2 layers to make it a long skirt?
Thanks for the inspiration! :o)
Oh wow, I would love to see pictures! I love that show and it sounds like an awesome theme for the birthday party!
ediscordia4 years ago
Do you have to use clear garbage bags? I totally just went out and bought like five million white ones.