Step 5: The motor mount and pistol grip

Picture of The motor mount and pistol grip

I decided that the easiest way to construct the pistol grip was to cut up the old cordless drill with the Dremel. I marked out the section I wanted, dismantled the drill and reassembled the shell. I then cut through it with the Dremel and cleaned off the edges.

Whilst doing all this I realised that the 12V printer motor was exactly the same diameter and had the same locating holes as the drill motor which was knackered. The printer motor was around 10mm longer than the original, but where i had cut back the drill body this didn't matter. Using the original drill mount and fittings I installed the new motor and soldered some long leads to it. This should be able to make the motor mount if I am careful in fitting it to the main body.
You can see the old burnt out motor with it's gear attached in the very top of the first picture.

I will re-use the original drill trigger and electrical contacts for the minigun, and hopefully mount the battery pack into the feeder to hide it. That way I should (in theory) be able to recharge the batteries using the drill charger with some Heath Robinson adaptations.
I set the pistol grip aside for later.

One problem is the fact that the motor mount has been so butchered that it has nearly an entire side missing. I found an old stout cardboard tube of about the same diameter, and cut out a section big enough to fit the mount. This was coated in three coats of resin to strengthen it and then hot melted into place. This will be filled and sanded back and the whole thing painted to match.

To make the mounting yokes, I constructed a simple jig from an off cut of the cardboard tube, and off cut of the body pipe and two pieces of wood. These were tack sealed to my resin board using plasticine (nu-clay?) and then resin was poured into the mould. I made two of these yokes, cleaned them up with the Dremel and then glued them to the body.

I made a small aluminium extension for the motor shaft, then glued the motor mount to the body yokes. I did a quick test using a rubber band as the drive belt and it all worked well. I will need to find an old Hoover belt for the final assembly.
Terranan2 years ago
old game joystick would work, too...