Step 8: First attempt with the template. Cheap emergency solar cooker!

Picture of First attempt with the template. Cheap emergency solar cooker!
Simple cooker with the template
I decided to make an umbrella cooker even though it is almost October and results are unlikely to be useful. First I cut out the 12 segments, then masking taped them together. I cheated a little on the next stage, the wiring. First i duct taped along the rim so that the wire would have something substantial to stick to.
I placed the umbrella over the cob dome and made the rim of wire right there round it and then ducttaped over the wire. Then with the umbrella still on the dome, I cut 2 cross wires to go over it and bent them to hold onto the rim wire.
In hindsight I should have had 4 wires to hold it to shape!
I also redid my first compound parabolic with kitchen foil to see how that would work.
I will just put in some pictures to show the results (next page). I only got to about 85 C but as you can check, that is sufficient to boil potatoes and to bake them too!
Probably not many people thought of baking potatoes in a black pot! It works, even on Sept 29th.
My umbrella cooker was a first attempt and I did not in enough brace wires to keep the umbrella up. I just had the rim wire, and 2 wires criss crossing across the top. I think it needs 4 criss cross wires to be effective. Also, I had that tiny glass pot where I needed the big pot to grab all the light.
It still worked though!
Brian White 1st October 2008