Step 6: Conclusion

Picture of Conclusion
I will secure the housing on the generator by wrapping it with a bungee chord to stop it from being blown away by strong winds. 
What happens next, only time will tell.  My design seems to be sound. I will keep you posted. 
Tom 72 years ago
it would be better to cut a larger top that covers and over hangs the side walls. that would help the structure last longer in the rain.
some padding inside to soften contact points with help sound vibration.
kabira (author)  Tom 72 years ago
I do have clearance of about 2 " on each side. However, it was my intent to keep it a tight fit because I did not want winds to turn the cover into a parachute. Sound insulation was not into consideration at all because the unit was outside, and I was constantly worried about the fire hazard due to excessive heat. However, I am sure there is soundproof insulation available which could be more temperature tolerant.
burntbob2 years ago
How did it work out? I know NJ really got hit bad and lots of damage near the water. Hope you got through OK!
kabira (author)  burntbob2 years ago
Considering that I live quite inland, there was no water damage. There was just damage to the roof due to winds. And, of course, we lost electricity, and that is where the generator came in handy.