Make a Real Asian Meal From a Pack of Ramen Noodles...


Introduction: Make a Real Asian Meal From a Pack of Ramen Noodles...

Ramen noodles aren't really good for you, but I've tinkered around with variations on a regular old pack of them and this turned out pretty good. You need some additional ingredients but they are cheap and worth it. Also helps if you have a bottle of white wine in the house, something cheap for drinking that you can also use to cook with a bit. Try it out!

Step 1: Ingredients Required (FOR 2)

2 bags of Ramen Noodles (not in a cup, in a plastic bag, any flavor but I like Shrimp) 
Small package of pork ribs, the short kind from the supermarket butcher, without bones 
Grated Ginger
Chopped herbs, such as thai basil or cilantro 
Small amount of white wine, doesn't have to be good quality
Pickled vegetables, like radish or even kimchee would work 
Sliced tomatoes (optional) 

Step 2: Roast Pork Ribs

Take any kind of oven-safe dish and line with foil and coat with olive oil. Season little pork ribs according to taste and roast them in a 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes, until they are browning and roasting nicely. After they are done, take them out and let them turn to room temperature. After they have cooled, cut them into slices, cartilage and all (the best part for me). 

Step 3: Cook Ramen Noodles and Noodle Base Separately!

This might seem like an unnecessary step, but the noodles make water cloudy and we are treating the seasoning packet like a true soup base for a clear soup to be eaten separately so we don't want the noodles clouding it up.

Boil 3 cups of water and add both seasoning packets, diced scallions, and some shredded ginger. Add a few slugs of white wine to this broth. Keep warm and set aside. 

Cook separately in plain water the ramen noodles, undercooking them so they remain firm. Remove them from water and set aside in a bowl to chill. 

Step 4: Arrange Noodles!

On a plate, organize chopped pickled veggies, cold noodles, some chopped herbs (any kind would do, cilantro, thai basil, etc) and slices of the cold pork. I like to have these all in separate lines, it looks cool. You could also add some chopped fresh tomatoes to this part. 

Ladle the broth into bowls or mugs and eat in addition to your cold noodle/salad dish. It is absolutely delicious and even though it requires a few steps it makes you look at your ramen packets differently! 




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    I do this all the time... I really like your step by step (I don't care where you got the pics as long as you have the right to use them) they made the steps easy for me to see.

    A variation I use on this is Pho, which I haven't had in like 25 years. So I used the same base you did and added hot pepper, I cooked some greens (in the broth) and then put in an egg at the very end.. if you can stir through the egg whites and leave the yoke whole till you have the noddles in bowl then let the yoke break over the noodles.. yum yum..

    Sorry about that, is that against the law here? I didnt have step-by-step pics and I just felt like sharing so I used some google pics. Does this site require I change that???

    You are not supposed to use copyright images, the idea is to show your own stuff. But the consomme isn't even a different picture of the same thing.
    Sounds good regardless though.


    i was lazy, stoned and inspired....the stuff wasn't in front of me i was just working from memory!!! also the last pic is mine even though its crummy!

    I've looked through many instructables and posts and have yet to see any limitations on using images found on the internet. I would even say it makes it a better lesson if you find a better image that works. Saves time looks better win-win. I can't speak for the legality, but I can't see the image owner losing out on any earnings here. Lighten up and enjoy the lesson.

    the consomme isn't even a different picture of the same thing
    The pictures are not better here, and the whole point is to show your own things anyway.
    TOS 8f


    It's ramen noodles. I don't think they are going to shut the internet down for it. Give the guy a break. Or you could be critical, and other newbies would be that much less likely to post here. Empty, useless criticism that does not improve the instructable is what makes people not want to go public with their ideas big or small. I say it again lughten up.

    The whole point is to do things and then show people (with your own photographs). You can't do that if you've dragged a picture of consomme from somewhere because you didn't photograph Ramen...


    Great. There should be a whole category of these "food hacks" for turning junk food into edible meals. I hope it starts a whole trend. During the Great Depression people turned ketchup or peanut butter into soup and the like. It's great to be able to take what the environment gives you and turn it into something better.

    Very nice! I've used ramen noodles as a base for "real" dinners myself. This is nicely put together.

    I just have one minor recommendation, borne of my own long experience. Don't use "cooking wine." Ever. Not even to clean out your drains. The best rule you can have for cooking with wine is this, "if you wouldn't drink it, don't use it." There are some decent white wines out there for well under $10 a bottle, if you know where to look (TJ's, BevMo, even Costco). A Two-Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw) Chardonnay isn't something I'd serve to my friends, but it is drinkable, and makes a really excellent base for a light sauce.

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    totally true, a cheapy trader joe's white would be ideal in this situation, i'll edit to remove the kitchen wine suggestion! thanks!