Make a Real Mini Crossbow !





Introduction: Make a Real Mini Crossbow !

This the most made mini crossbow ever !, it is the best tutorial for a mini crossbow !, this video shows you how to make it Step by Step.

Enjoy and have a great day. :)

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    This seams great, but what kind of metal did you use and how thick is it?

    Hey do you mind if i use you main image as well, I'm making an instructable

    on this too and i don't have a main image to put on yet, because me crossbow isn't finished, do you mind if i use yours until i have one?

    i found this on youtube a few days ago. I really liked it (and your other crossbows too) and decided to make one. this is the best mini crossbow tutorial i have ever seen. It has a great firing mechanism, way beter than a clothespen. It has an actual limb/bow and not just a rubberband, as i saw in the other videos it has a metal string. It is very cool, but some of the measurements were a little confusing. I decided it doesn't have to be exactly like yours, just close. I do not have any metal to make the firing mechanism, so I am using wood, but i am not quite sure what size the firing mech. should be, I guess I will just eyebay it and make a few different sizes if i have to. I am in the process of making mine right now :)

    Could you give us some photos once your done?

    Thanks ! Means alot !

    Have a nice day :)

    I can see you've made another bow before, by looking at the wood

    Not just the supplies, and those could be more specific. Good vid though

    Cool stuff man. But you need to list the actual tools needed.