Picture of Make a real (cheap) hexapod !
Have you ever drooled over those cool, dancing hexapods ?  Gotta have it – right?
Then you looked at the price and …well…maybe… not so cool?

Well, read on and you can make it real – a real hexapod for less than a hundred bucks.  It uses only three hobby servos, a battery, and a microcontroller of your choice.  Construction is mostly wood and glue.  It moves forward and backwards and turns left and right.

Here is a video of my hexapod crawler, which I call “Walkin Sticks”.
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Step 1: Two ways to build, or why CAD programs are so useful.

Picture of Two ways to build, or why CAD programs are so useful.
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One of my objectives in this project was to create a walking gait in which the “footprints” of all the legs fall in a straight line and not in an arc, as an oar in a row boat traces on the water surface.  To do this, I used a 2D CAD program to test out some ideas as shown in the photo above.  My apologies for the black background.  I spent several hours trying to remove it but no joy.

This “in-line” method allows walking on carpet without drag and strain on the servos.  If you plan to only operate on smooth surfaces and do not need this feature, you could greatly simplify the construction.

Step 2: A parts view

Picture of A parts view
Here is a view of all the major components looking from the bottom.  The green PCB is a Basic Stamp Homework board.  Any other microcontroller will work just as well.  The swing servos are standard hobby servos and the lift (or rocker) servo is a "quarter scale" servo.  The batteries are recycled lithiums.
alcurb26 days ago

Brilliant. It's a very efficient design. Da Vinci would have certainly designed something like this, minus the electronics, perhaps with some sort of clockwork propulsion.

Alan Ogborne4 months ago

I would like to have a go at making this. I don't have AutoCAD but if you have any other drawings or pictures can you send them to me at Really nice project.

jailie7 months ago

"awesome sir,cdr or cad file please,i wanna built one,,thank you and MABUHAY!!!"

Really nice job, could you please send the dimensions to : ?.

it would be great if it was in centimeters... thanks for your time.

Was anyone able to get dimensions for this? Anyone try to make this?

i've send you an email, please read it :)
hunkaditya1 year ago
sir please send me the dimensions my email id is
sir please send me files too
billbillt2 years ago
I always use the black background in AutoCad...I feel it is easier on the eyes...Great Job!.....
Please please please send dimensions or cad files! I'd love to build one of these!
balline (author)  MarcoAndrade.19802 years ago

Send me your email address and I will send you the Autocad files.
please also send to me the dimensions and card add

Thanks so much!
randomray2 years ago
Very cool great job .
mr tech2 years ago
Very nice design, looks awesome. Do you have the CAD files posted anywhere?
I'm also wondering how well it would work built out of lightweight metal. Do you think the servo could handle more weight or would it need to be replaced with something a bit heavier? 

Thanks for sharing.
balline (author)  mr tech2 years ago
Yes, it could be made of aluminum tubing and you could eliminate the brass tubing bearing that wood requires. You may need more torque for the rocker servo since it does all the lifting. Standard servos should work fine for swinging the legs. The one I made weighs 28 oz.

The cad drawings that I have done are merely studies of various geometries and were not meant as construction drawings. The are in Autocad 14. I can send them to you if you like.

Thanks for your comments.
AlexHrn balline2 years ago
could you send me a copy of the CAD files for this?
balline (author)  AlexHrn2 years ago
Yes I can send you CAD files and better pix if you send me your email address to occamrazr...@ ...
AlexHrn balline2 years ago
email sent
You are awesome! Great looking machine, I'm so impressed. I'd love to take a peek at the CAD drawings if you woundn't mind sending them.
sidgupta2 years ago
Could you post a video?
balline (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Video link should be in the intro.

Here it is again:
Kiteman balline2 years ago

Did you know you can embed that video in your instructable? Just make sure you tick the box to use the "old" code.
balline (author)  iminthebathroom2 years ago
Video link should be in the intro.

Here it is again:
balline (author)  sidgupta2 years ago
Video link should be in the intro.

Here it is again:
profpat2 years ago

hope some one could post a design using regular ttl or cmos i.c. no need programming.