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Making a quill from a feather is not very hard, doesn't require a lot of tools, and can be a lot of fun. My first attempt wrote fairly well, and my third or forth was quite nice. Disclaimer: I am not an expert, there are other ways, probably even better ways, to make a quill than this. However this works for me and you might find it helpful.

Here's what you'll need:

A soup can
Some fine sand
A very sharp knife with a small blade
Some feathers
Calligraphy Ink

You can get everything you need but the soup can at most craft stores. I went to Micheal's Art's and Crafts and got the feathers, sand and hobby knife for a few bucks.

For the knife I used an Xacto hobby knife. Calligraphers use all different sorts of knives as their pen knives but the main requirement is that it be fairly short and VERY sharp.

Feathers. Most hobby stores sell turkey feathers. I got mine in a four pack for 2 dollars. You want them to be long, and check that the tips aren't crushed. Sometimes they are dyed different colors, this is fine.

I found pouches of fine sand at the craft store as well, I think they are for miniatures.

V Jaya1 month ago

Hi Does the size of the feather matter??? :D

D10D3 (author)  V Jaya1 month ago

The length doesn't matter much, but the shaft needs to be thick enough that it can hold some ink and easily be trimmed. Most goose or turkey feathers are fine for this. Song bird feathers tend to be too small. Raven wing feathers were a traditional favorite.

onomatopeian made it!4 months ago
Thanks man! Super sweet instructions. Did mine on a sulphur crested cockatoo flight feather
tushar patial7 months ago

can i use pen ink

D10D3 (author)  tushar patial7 months ago
Yeah, any ink should work. The easiest way to handle it is to get a bottle of calligraphy ink from a craft store, it's common and pretty cheap.
tushar patial7 months ago

can i use a pen ink

saphira695 years ago
hello there everyone i am new here
whats your point? hehe, get it? Point? Because its a pen? Huh? HUH?!
Da dun...ch!
i've been wondering how to do this for years! thank you so much!
hillsburg25 years ago
but i dont know where to get a feather can i use a chicken
feather? please! help! I BEG YOU!

yes you can use chichen feathers. you can find any feather at any craft stores or by the river or park.
you can find any bird feathers  by going for walks in the park or by the river. look by the river i found many by the river. or if you like to go hunting you can take some off of your bird.
D10D3 (author)  hillsburg25 years ago
Most arts & craft stores carry feathers. Sometimes that are dyed different colors. Generally they are turkey feathers and work quite well for this.
Kaiven5 years ago
How do I make the ink though? :)
get a art charcoal,rubbing alcohol,fine sand paper,stick,bowl and get the charcoal rub it to the sand paper and put the powder in the bowl and after that put alcohol in it and mix it with the stick and your DONE!

D10D3 (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
you can get calligraphy ink at any craft or stationary store.
hillsburg25 years ago
xhudaman5 years ago
cool instructable i think im gonna try it!! but i dont really get how to make the tip so...i guess i have to work that out lol
Kiteman5 years ago
Just in time to write your letter to Santa!

Nice job.
Santas all out of Drill presses this year ! 
lemonie5 years ago
Great, I shall go looking...