Step 12: Gilding the lily

Here are some other ideas I've had for enhancements to this project.  No doubt you guys will have even more cool things to add in the comments, but for now...

1) Carve and/or stain the wood.  Sorry, but oak just calls out to me, "don't leave me like this!  make me pretty!"
2) Make another motor mount for a corded drill.  Cordless is cool and all, but batteries are never charged when you need them.
3) Paint shaker.  Since the arm is exposed, it would be really simple to screw on a Velcro wire tie so you could easily shake spray cans.
4) LED light.  ('cuz everything's better with LED's)
5) Carrying handle and/or somehow make it fold up.  Since it's cordless and technically portable, it would be nice if it was more easy to move like in your car and stuff.
6) Dust blower.  Maybe like a PC fan or something??
7) The ability to use other kinds of blades? (For example, a hacksaw blade for cutting metal.)
how about a way to angle the blade? would't be hard to do and would be quite useful :)
PS118 (author)  nickmccullough4 years ago
That's a good idea.

It may be easier to angle the table rather than the blade though (it's just a hinge on one side, really). Maybe something like this or this.

As always, if you try it, let me know! ;)

yeah table would probably be easier:)

I have project lined up after project, and i added this to my list. So wont be getting to it for some time, but this is definitely the place ill be coming for reference:)