This instructable shows how to make a set of flower sticks from common household items. A great way for anyone who wants to pick up this form of juggling quickly and cheaply.

With all the materials and tools at hand, this set of flower sticks would take only half an hour or so to make.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- 1 roll of PVC anti slip mat
Available from hardware stores, or household goods stores. These are the thin, flexible sort sold in rolls (about 30 cm wide and 1-1.5 m long), and can be cut with scissors.

- 3 wooden sticks
At least 60 cm long. Diameter can be anywhere between 8 mm and 10 mm. Here, bamboo gardening support sticks are used, but any kind of wooden dowel can be used instead.

- handful of nuts and washers
The inner diameter must be large enough for it to fit snugly onto the ends of the wooden sticks.

Total material cost is less than USD$10.

- wood saw
- glue gun
- steel ruler
- scissors
- utility knife
I belive these are called devil sticks.
<p>Here is an article that shows the differences between devil sticks and flower sticks. http://www.devilstickstricks.com/What-is-the-Difference-Between-Devil-Sticks-and-Flower-Sticks-i17/</p>
Yes, the generic name for these are devil sticks. From what I hear though, true devil sticks are tapered with a narrow waist, with no tassels at the end. Flower sticks are typically not tapered and have tassels (hence its name).
&nbsp;I found that using athletic tape is much easier.
Ooh, I never thought of athletic tape. Check out https://www.instructables.com/id/Juggling-Sticks/ for a version I recently learned to make using recycled bicycle inner tubes.
Yes, I'm aware of that method, for I've found that the prices of athletic tape are much much higher where I&nbsp;am (USD$7-8 for a small roll).&nbsp; So this was developed as an alternative to the tape method.<br />
Um how much does ti cost to make these?
The only thing that you really need to buy would be the antislip mat, and a cheap one would cost maybe $5-10. The poles and nuts can be gotten for free if you scrounge around some scrap piles. The poles don't have to be wood either, hollow aluminium would work just as well. So the total cost would be perhaps $20 at most (assuming you already have a glue gun, or some other suitable adhesive).
i know this is a little late in the comment thread but i managed to make 2 sets for 30 $ us. One for me and one for our 11 year old. the build was simple and if i get a chance i'll post up. ps the prices were from lowes in florida

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