Introduction: Make-a-shake-aaa

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Turn your useless garden gourds into great groovy shake-ahs in a few easy steps! 

Step 1.  Grow a gourd
Step 2.  Let it die, dry, cut the end off, knock all the seeds out and save them for next year  :)
Step 3.  Fill it with something noisy, I used beans but you can use anything you want.  (rice, ball bearings, broken glass, rocks bells...)
Step 4.  Plug it up!!  I got small corks from a local wine/home-brew store for about .15 each (so I can change the sound) but a hot glue gun would work also
Step 5.  SHAKE IT UP!!!! Wow and impress your friends with your undeniable skills in turning a vegetable(?) into the coolest world music accessory anyone can have! 



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    Hmmmm . . . . . I think it's a cool idea, but I would have loved more pictures.

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    Thanks, I would have liked more pix also but just didn't think about it until I was finished. Next time. Thanks for looking!