Make a Shoulder Strap for Your Tripod





Introduction: Make a Shoulder Strap for Your Tripod

This idea was inspired by my Mother; I was lugging my tripod around Southend, and she asked why I didn't have some kind of handle for it. She thought I might somehow be able to attach a strap from a bag to it. So I came up with this. Thanks Mum :)

Step 1: What You Will Need

This is a very easy project. You will need:

  • A tripod
  • A shoulder strap from a bag, with sprung carabiner-type clips on the ends (I used the one from my laptop case)
  • A couple of cable ties
  • A couple of split rings (the kind you attach keys to). You can get these from key-cutting places and the like

Step 2: Attach the First Split Ring

Somewhere near the top of your collapsed tripod there should be some plastic nut-type things (I used the one that locks the rotation of the pan head). Thread a cable tie through the first split ring, then wrap it around the nut and pull it tight.

Step 3: Attach the Second Split Ring

At the bottom end of my tripod, there are flanges cut out on either side of the central post. If your tripod has these, thread a cable tie through the second split ring, then thread it through one of the slits formed by the flanges and pull it tight.

If your tripod doesn't have any such holes on the central post, then you can do what I tried first and attach the cable tie and split ring tightly around one of the rubber feet of the tripod. This will work, but you will find that when you sling the whole thing over your shoulder, the tripod will tend to open up, which is probably not what you want. (It would be very easy to drill a little hole in the base of the central post with a Dremel or similar, of course).

Step 4: Attach the Strap

Then simply clip the strap onto the top and bottom split rings and hoist your newly strap-equipped tripod over your shoulder.

You should find that the tripod is quite usable with the strap still attached (presuming the strap is secured to the central post, not the foot of the tripod).

Hope somebody finds this useful :)



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    Nice instructable. Here's my version -I just used the straps and some tape. I messed up the"direction" of the straps. I positioned it so that the padded area was closest to the top, and that isn't very natural, since the tripod is top heavy (I let the heavy, top end hang furthest down). I also put a rubber band meant for hair around one of the legs, so I can gather the legs to prevent them from rattling too much when I carry it around.


    This invention is an ingenious design that needs to be patented. Thank you for taking the time to show us explicitly how to make one at home. Thanks to all moms who encourage their kids, no matter what the age, to be independent thinkers & inventors like you. Well done mom!

    Cheap replacement for a tripod bag. that requires no work at all. Simple, common folding chairs that come in a bag. Once a chair breaks (happens to the cheap ones at least), just save the bag.

    Chair does not even have to be broke, if you do not use the bag for the chair...

    Great idea!!! i just made one myself with an old strap from a slr camera. Now i'm able to take my tripod with all the time!

    very nice, i created my own version as well but i did get some very good ideas from u, thanks.

    Excellent, Sir! I've been tired of lugging my tripod around, taking up a free hand. And I'm a college student without the nescesary funds to go out and purchase an official tripod bag. This Instructable was very simple, cheap, and effective! Thanks for posting this!

     I love this, I've always used the control bar and just rested it on my shoulder, but this is amazing.

    Nice. I did the same thing a few months ago (but i didn't use the ties). Now I don't know why tripods don't come with shoulder straps - they could market it as a bonus.

    i have early version of that same tripod, it is cool

    I have the same tripod too. This is a great instructable, I think I'll try it..

    Very nice! Greatly appreciate your work. Hope you can come up with more neat ideas.

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    I like that you can leave the strap on while using the tripod. I have a bag for my tripod that has a strap, but invariably I can't find it when I'm ready to pack up. This solves that.

    great quick fix! I've used an extra camera strap or a shoulder strap from a messenger or duffel bag too. Free hands for shooting and keep a pod handy when needed. What Southbend are you in?! I shoot around the one in northern Indiana.

    2 replies

    Ah seeing a photo Instructable and a town *close* to the name of mine was too much excitement at once. Tomorrow I'm adding this to my tripod either way.

    Great idea. My Manfroto came with a strap and I thought "Brilliant! Why don't ALL tripods come with one?" Great work-around, and it leaves hands free for on-the-move shots while hiking or walking around town. Very useful!

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    My manfrotto didn't come with a strap or handle! A friend of mine received a handle with his, too. I'm sad :( Oh well, guess I'll have to make one!

    I made something similar, but mine was just a length of inch and half webbing with a loop that just fits over the pan tilt head and another loop at the other end. It works but doesn't look as nice.

    We have a small one(goes about 2 1/2 feet), and my guy would love this. I normally have to carry it around in my purse for him.