Make a Silencer for Your Nerf Longshot





Introduction: Make a Silencer for Your Nerf Longshot

I am going to show you how to make an awesome looking silencer for your NERF Longshot!

Step 1: Supplies

Okay. You are going to need a few supplies:

-The barrel from your Long Shot's front gun
-The barrel connector ring
-A 15" long piece of 1/2" PVC
-A new roll of 2" wide Electrical Tape (color does not matter)
-6 couplings with a diameter of 7/8" and a length of 1 7/8"
-Hot glue gun

Step 2: Wrap the Barrel

Now that you have the supplies, wrap the Electrical Tape 1 TIME around the barrel. Do not allow the tape to overlap. Start on the side of the barrel that has the bigger end to it. So after taping the whole barrel like this, you should have something similar to the picture below.

Step 3: Slide the Couplings Over the Taped Barrel

Now, slide the 6 couplings all the way to the end 1 at a time. After they are all pushed down as far as they will go, wrap some Electrical Tape around them so that they are all connected.

Step 4: Tape, Tape, and More Tape.

Now you are going to need to wrap the electrical tape around the back two couplings and the front two couplings as tight as possible. You will wrap the tape so that it is 2/8" tall. (See pictures below)

Step 5: Slide the Barrel Into the PVC Pipe

Now that you have taped the barrel, you will need to slide it into the PVC so that you are pushing the fat end of the barrel. NOTE: You will need strength and patience. Leave the fat end of the barrel sticking out about 2/8" from the PVC.

Step 6: Use Pliers to Break Off...

Now, use pliers to break off the smaller tab from the orange thing that slides onto the connector of the Long Shot's barrel. You will also have to trim the top of the ring a little bit so that the PVC will fit flush against it.

Step 7: Attaching the PVC to the Ring

Now that you have trimmed your connector ring, you will need to hot glue the ring to the end of the PVC that has the fat end of the barrel sticking out of it. An easy way to do this is by sliding the ring over the barrel extension and locking it onto the Long Shot's barrel extension thing. Now, touch the PVC to the ring, and try to make the PVC as straight as possible, so that your NERF darts or Staphans will shoot straight. Now, hot glue the ring and the PVC together. Use a lot of glue so that it will be stronger.

Step 8: Attach and Use

Now, remove the "silencer" and wait until the glue is cold to the touch. When it is cold to the touch, put it back onto your Longshot and enjoy! Of course, you could always paint it.

(Obviously, it does not actually silence your Nerf gun. I am not responsible for any damage or injury you may cause while using this "silencer")



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    anyone noticed the longshots look like a g11?

    Would this work on a Recon CS-6? I can't find damn longshots ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY (of Australia, natch). GNGNG. This would look better if it was black, though. But that's just my opinion.

    hey dude, im in aus and i got my longshot from k-mart on special for 38 buks! its awsome! k-mart has a good range of nerf guns right now in the huge toy sale.

    big w also has them as well as kmart

    I bought my longshot off, try there!

    ya it should work on the recon

    This wouldn't silence it. You're much better off opening it, and padding the moving parts with foam, since it's not the air, but the springs that makes the sound.

    In the UK this makes the Longshot illegal :P
    So unfortunately I can't try this without risking a hefty sentence for posession of a firearm. Dammit >.<

    What makes this illegal? It does not silence the rifle at all. It is as if you have the front pistol attached to it.