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Make a simple silencer fast with common materials

note: silencers are most likely prohibited in your area without a special license. Check your local laws before attempting this. Also, this instructable is purely for informational purposes and could be dangerous and prohibited.

Step 1: Locate your Materials

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First, let me paint the scene for you:

In a post apocalyptic world, you are shopping in a supermarket with your high-powered sniper rifle slung across your shoulder. All of the sudden, alien invaders burst into the supermarket. You notice that the head honcho alien who's brain serves as a central brainwave server is among the intruders.
Seeing as how the aliens havn't seen you yet, you quickly devise a plan.
You grab the items from your cart and jump on top of the freezer isle behind the igloo coolers.
Your plan is to take out the honcho alien without revealing your position. Since your not super creative, you don't think of anything clever aside from shooting him. So! you need a silencer.

Among your grocery items you happen to have a newspaper, a 2 litre bottle of soda, and some electrical tape. Good! thats all you'll need... plus your trusty sniper rifle.
TREX ZoaR0K2 years ago
i was going to make a instructable for something like this :(
Is that a M9130, M91, or an M44?
zmatt7 years ago
VERRRRRY ILLEGAL Be careful I think this is a felony.
ak49er zmatt7 years ago
ONE WORD : AIRSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!
linuxkid ak49er2 years ago
Still illegal, still suppresses a blast from a firearm.
no its not illegal to build or have a flash suppressors as long as your register it with the ATF
Actually, many states allow suppressors. Trying to find a manufacturer of them that sells to FFL holders who sell to private citizens is hard, and finding an FFL dealer to sell you one is much more difficult.
He can build one himself (provided his state allows them), but he still has to pay the $200 to ATF and wait for his Form 4 with tax stamp. Without a tax stamp *in hand*, one would be VERY foolish to attempt this on a real firearm.
Did you even research the law before posting your comment? Try it. P.S. Don't crash!!!
linuxkid2 years ago
It's only illegal if you haven't payed $200 to the ATF for a silencer and gotten an OK.
syco1234 years ago
*Choose a long thin bottle with a neck opening slightly larger than the barrel of your weapon.
*Cut a hole in the base of the bottle abour 1/2 and inch bigger than the neck.
*Insert pvc pipe the size of the neck opening and the length of the bottle.
*In the space between the pipe and the edge of the hole (in the base) insert wire *wool.
*Pack it tight.
*Remove the PVC pipe.
*Attach to barrel.

seby984 years ago
This i pretty good. I prefer a suppressor made from pvc. For ammo, i would recommend Remington Sub-sonic, these can be bought at various gun stores, like gander mtn., ect.
AR10NZ4 years ago
Hi :
I have made some suppressors, and suppressed pistols & rifles, .22 to 9mm.
The Tim Le France design of 3 1/2 spherical chambers is very efficient. If I did not have a "Ball end mill " of the appropriate size, I used a standard drill bit, with satisfactory results. Here in New Zealand, there are no leagal restrictions on suppressors, possession, or use. No longer shooting, previously had quite a few suppressed firearms. Cheers, diaden@ihug.co.nz
RGM La Paz4 years ago
this is not gonna work un less u have 4 inch riser scope mounts and ur using a airgun this wont work on real guns
dla8885 years ago
Is that a real rifle?
scandibilly6 years ago

That's how effective this "silencer" design is. Dangerous and ineffective, but battling aliens usually is.
The soda bottle suppressor only works with small caliber guns ( .22 lr ). Even with a silencer you would still need subsonic ammo to eliminate the sound that the bullet makes when it passes the sound barrier. I think you need a hole in the end of it too. =)

Here is a vid of a soda bottle suppressor that works.
The Maestro6 years ago
Dacron sleeping bag filler would work for a silencer: nonflammable and durable. Of course the resistance to force would preclude it from use in the guide's silencer and more towards a reusable pvc-and-bottle silencer where the dampener is seperate.
jeffgoth996 years ago
what about using tenes balls still in the bottle
allen_idaho6 years ago
What you should do is get a piece of tube to fit around the barrel. Use a drill and cut several holes into it. Next, take your bottle and fill it with steel wool. It is a much better and safer dampener than cotton balls. Then fit the bottle around the tube. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle so the tube can protrude slightly through it. Now what you should have is a cheap working silencer. The holes in the tube should allow the gas and pressure from the shot to escape outward into the steel wool which should dampen the sound.
Wouldn't steel wool be dangerous in the fact that it's flammable? Wouldn't the gases, sparks, whatever exiting from the barrel risk starting a fire.
Steel wool isnt flammable, it just highly resistive. When electricity is applied, the resisted voltage becomes heat and light. -PKT
As I understand the definition of flammable it's something that's easily ignited and capable of burning. Since steel wool will ignite with a battery or open flame, I'd call that flammable. And it seems a lot of other people do too in the brief internet search I did. It would be interesting to try something like this to see if it would ignite.
madmaxcro6 years ago
you need to drill a hole in bottle base where the bullet should go...
here in is the problem every now and then the whole damn bottle will fly off+ its only good for one shot i will be post a plan for the hush puppy slincer from vietnam pretty soon just keep checking
Has anyone tried this for a paintball gun
naw i play tournement paintball and the paintballs will break before it goes through the bottle
think, cn paint balls fly threw plastic without busting?
i made a hush puppy for my spring airsoft and it works great its almost completely silent and it only adds +2.5 inches to the spread
brian#186 years ago
yeah i just tried this silencer on my 270wsm and it didnt work and it just blew the whole bottle apart and it made hell of a bang and i tried it at bout 9pm and i think i woke the neighbors up
gwb26 years ago
Fired a silenced HK MP5 many times in the Army, B1/75. A "silencer" only cuts the crack sound created when the bullet breaks the sound barrier. It gives the sound of a good pneumatic nail gun. You will need a hole in the end of that bottle for the bullet to pass through or you could get a nasty experience if it doesn't hit the end of the bottle perpendicular to the base. I suggest, but have not tried, spray adhesive then stuff cotton balls in and shake until all are stuck to the side. Mostly container captures the gas and the stuffng acts like the baffles on a car muffler. When you test any firearms projects. strap the weapon to a car tire and a string to the trigger then get behind 2 feet of concrete or dig a foxhole and hide. RESIST the temptation to watch! Pull string and then inspect. ONLY then shoulder the weapon and fire it. SAFETY keeps you out of the the Darwin Awards!!!!
300ZX6 years ago
Need more info on construction of the supressor (how to roll the paper, how far in should it place the barrel of the rifle, and how larger should the hole at the the bottoom of the bottle be (i.e. where the projectile will be exiting the bottle). Thanks!
dealydoo6 years ago
this doesn't work. I tried this on post one day in iraq. granted it was with 5.56 and yes that is super sonic. didnt use paper... I have also done it with .22 and .45. packing it with newspaper. "if it did work" but it wouldn't. will catch fire and burn and now they know where the shot came from cause they heard it and can see you because your on fire and rolling around. never try this
amaineman577 years ago
In the first place, a suppressor will only work if the cartridge is loaded for sub-sonic velocity (> 900 fps) otherwise it may reduce the level of the report, but not the "sonic boom" of the bullet in flight. Most MACV-SOG / CIA operatives used modified Ruger or Colt .22 cal. Possibly a Browning 9mm Hi-power but specifically loaded cartridges for sub-sonic performance. Even the best professionally made suppressor will last maybe 40-50 shots before the baffles are shot out. Those who have tried the 2 litre method use 0000 steel wool instead of newspaper and at best can get one shot. one has to make an X cut in the centre or the bottom or you lose velocity and accuracy when the bullet is punching through the plastic which is thicker than the sides. WOnt even go down the road of securing this to the barrel.
No silencer make a rifle completely silent, the real purpose of a silencer is to make the shot unrecognizable as a gunshot, or to limit the range that the shot can be heard, so instead of the report traveling several miles, the sonic boom travels a much shorter distance. An x in the bottom is a good idea, but a hole would work just as well. and especially after the first shot, electrical tape is more than enough to secure a bottle. there's plenty of room for the gasses to expand in the bottle, so the actual bullet is all that would blow it off.
uhh...just so you know, > means greater than, and < means less than. You mean to say < 900fps...which would be a safe estimation...however the speed of sound can differ slightly depending on atmospheric conditions...as long as the projectile is traveling less than (<) the speed of sound(usually greater than 1,000fps) it will not make a crack (sonic boom)
actually < is greater than an > means less than
no. < means less than and > means greater than- english is read left to right (think of it this way if the is pacman, he wants the bigger number to eat. so 5<9 means five is less than nine and 9>5 means nine is greater than five.
I though operatives used knives, hands, and crossbows.
operatives use anything in there grasp, trust me
What he said.
fwjs286 years ago
gunny626 years ago
actually ive used the throwaway on a ruger 77/22 and got some very accurate shots with the hornet rounds fron remington i made a 14 inch suppressor from aluninum and threaded to my dpms 308 and was accurate up to 800 meters, i have an Colt A3 that ive used the throwaway on, with some very good results of course im new and still learning after 35 yrs in the corps
This method does not work. (At least not on real firearms) The expanding gasses blow a hole in the bottom of the bottle and the gasses escape at normal velocity, thus there is no reduction in sound (Not to mention the bullet shredding the bottom of it). The bottle's plastic is simply not sturdy enough material. And waddded up paper does not make an effective baffle. You need baffles+air chambers to reduce the 170 Db sound by any measure. I don't mean to crap all over your instructable, but this was used in the anarchist cookbook and a lot of people have been hurt from flying plastic by attempting this method.
the key is to cut a 1 1/2 in hole were the exit will be at. and fill it with a softer material like cotton. that work well wlith my pellet gun
I'd like to point out that no this wont work with high power rifles, maybe with a .22 but you need to modify the design, and I dont know what AC chainedflash read, but my copy in paper from the early '70s shows how to make one out of 2 peices of pipe, washers, steel wool, welder, and a drillpress, the right way..... and no I wont write an instructable on it because even as an experiment there is no good reason for anyone to need this.
The version you get depends on where you got it. Technically there is only one true anarchist cookbook, and it was simply a series of papers stapled together. But over the years people kept adding more and more recipes to it so that there are now numerous different versions of it out there. I think you can still get the original in a hardbound book form, but even the original had a lot of "foil" recipes.
CADapult7 years ago
It is a felony to add *any* device to the muzzle of a firearm that reduces the noise output in any way without having a permit from the ATFE, and Joe Average hasn't been able to get one of those permits since shortly after Bill Clinton took office. Even a silencer designed for a paintball gun can get you in big trouble in most of the "blue" states.

This instructable should probably go bye-bye before some knucklehead gets himself in trouble and blames this site for leading him astray.
that is true, that is why were here an not surefire.com
i live in england and you can buy an airgun and attach a silencer without a license or anything. hoorah
sorry to burst your bubble, but any non-felon CAN buy/own a silencer. All you need to do is pay the federal licence/tax, which is 200 dollars. I personally own a couple, one being bought for my p22 for a total of 400 dollars. Talk to any firearm dealer and he'll set you up.
This is true-you simply pay a fee for a "tax stamp"-however, your state may be "out" of stamps, i.e., only sell so many-this is how they work around the Second Amendment and keep track of who has 'em-they did the same thing during Prohibition with booze. Regardless, unless this rifle is an AIrsoft type, you have nothing but a very dangerous fire starter here. You need a real silencer and subsonic ammo-part of the sound of a rifle report is your bullet breaking the sound barrier.
gn0stik ehmbee7 years ago
you can replace the paper with fine steel wool, however this can be combustible too.
Depends on your state of residence, some states prohibit ownership of silencers and automatic weapons, regardless of federal law. WA state for example disallows the ownership of silencers and automatic weapons.
yuckzee7 years ago
doese it actualy mess up the aim?
yuckzee7 years ago
nice, i always thought that you put the tape on the botle it self, plus thats proubly more air tight, faster to remove and put on, cleaner...well now i know how to keep the zombies from finding me when they attack....again
ak49er7 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA My work is completed!!! I've constructed the world's deadlest confettii-launcher!!!
hick252x47 years ago
what ever your tring to kill are you gonna kill it with the bullet or the bottle
thoraxe7 years ago
wait, the bullet is supposed to go through the paper and bottle, right?
shoot2kill7 years ago
why is it on the end of a bloody 303-25
Stavroz7 years ago
cool sniper rifle, is it real??
blugyblug7 years ago
Lol funny way of showing us how to do it.
Pbyrd7 years ago
I don't think this will work. And, what if your rifle has sights on the end of the barrel?
nkk077 years ago
lol.i have a little (on the verge of dying) airsoft gun i tried making a silencer with a film canister and some newspaper but the bullet didnt go out the other side it got stuck in the barrel so i thoght what if some kind of tube could be put in so im trying it now!
JoshuaB86 (author) 7 years ago
Hence the little disclaimer at the top. Heck if someone put this on a Airsoft gun, I don't think they'd get in any trouble.
bowmaster7 years ago
The paper is not 100%needed
DanW19757 years ago
what caliber is the rifle you are using???
receiver5457 years ago
you got this idea off the movie the shooter...'
i watched that movie! awesome. i like how they killed all those troops with stuff from wal mart! lol. and how he sniped those guys with the water bottle-silenced .22
This looks really cool and it actually works! It sounds like a dart striking a dart board with my airsoft gun.
JoshuaB86 (author) 7 years ago
No sir I did not... from a much more interesting source.