The Cheapest and Best Looking Way to Make an Airsoft Silencer

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Introduction: The Cheapest and Best Looking Way to Make an Airsoft Silencer

No, this will not make your airsoft gun more silent.
No, I do not recommend trying to do this on a real gun.
No, I am not going to be held responsible if you bring this into a public place and are shot for flaunting a weapon (Or so the cops thought).

Step 1: Gather the Materials

~Airsoft rifle/pistol
~BIC pen (Tube)
~Aviator snips or scissors
~Hot Glue Gun
~Hot Glue Sticks
~Ruler (Optional)
~PVC Pipe (Any diameter you want)
~Airsoft BB's (Optional)
~Airsoft Gun Lube (Optional)

Step 2: Getting Started

First of all, I highly suggest you use sandpaper and lightly sand the external of the pvc pipe and the edges and sides. I found that the lightly sanded pvc pipe holds ink better than the shiny, unmarred pipe.

1. Start by taking the BIC pen and removing the end cap and internals.

2. Try to fit the pen tube into the end of your gun, if it fits - see step 4, if not then see step 3.

3. Next, take the aviator snips and clip 4 triangles into the bottom of the pen tube. This will allow some flexibility in the shape of the tube, so that it can be squeezed into a tighter hole.

4. Test by shoving into airsoft gun barrel (Should not go into the brass inner barrel)

5. If it does not fit, continue to shave a little bit more off the triangular cuts each time until it fits.

Step 3: Adding the Outer Silencer

6. Lay the gun, with the BIC pen tube still inserted, onto the PVC pipe.

7. Mark with the sharpie the desired length of your silencer (Roughly the same length of the BIC pen tube).

8. Use a saw to cut the PVC pipe to the desired length.

9. Use the flat file and sandpaper to make the PVC pipe nice and even and smooth.

Step 4: The Hard Step

10. Take the BIC pen tube out of the gun barrel (If you haven't already).

11. Get some toilet paper or tissue paper.

12. Wrap toilet paper/tissue paper around the BIC pen tube until it can fit snugly into the PVC pipe.

13. Use small, thin object to push toilet paper/tissue paper down the PVC pipe

14. Flip over silencer to the un-notched end.

15. Center this end of the gun and put small beads of hot glue into the area between the PVC pipe and BIC pen tube, in order to stabilize the BIC pen tube inside of the PVC pipe.

16. Flip over the silencer on the notched end and repeat step 15 making sure you have enough room on the silencer to fit into your airsoft gun barrel. ( I recommend putting glue the hot glue a 1/2 inch down the gap between the BIC pen tube and PVC pipe).

17. Let hot glue dry, and test it out by sticking it into your gun

Step 5: Finishing Your Silencer

From here on out, it is optional, but definitely makes your gun look and shoot better.

18. Take silencer off the gun and color with sharpie/spray paint.

19. Color every surface of the silencer (Besides the inside of the notched part and the inside of the BIC pen tube)

20. Attach silencer to gun.

21. Get some silicon spray lube and a cleaning rod for airsoft guns.

22. Spray lube down the silencer barrel/into your gun.

23. Push the cleaning rod down into your barrel and through your silencer to clean and lube both.

24. Reattach silencer if you lubed/cleaned both the gun and silencer seperately.

25. Enjoy your lifelike silencer and be safe!



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    Ok. On step 22, you said to spray silicon spray down your barrel. Big no no. That silicon will catch your BBs as they go down the barrel and slow them down. This means you are getting less range and, potentially, less accuracy. So don't do that.

    how do you get the center straight in there?

    Thanks dude this is awesome great for my movie I'm making. If u have anymore safe realistic gun mods could you send me links??

    how long is the PVC pipe

    nice gun



    I have the same gun the silencer looks really cool.


    What a coincidence!