Step 2: Start tapping

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Now comes the tedious part. Hold the coin with one hand and tap the edge with a spoon. Turn the coin as you tap. Tap Tap Tap. Tap the ring in the center of the edge as much as possible. This will keep the edges of the ring from bending under.
**Do your tapping when no one is around, the tapping can get very annoying to others in the nearby vicinity.**
The more you tap the faster the ring will form. I was a casual tapper, I tapped while I watched TV. My first ring took a year to finish. If you're the impatient type you can speed up the process by using a hammer and a hard surface. If you do this you risk bending or warping the coin and your finished ring will look crude and rough. The small taps of the spoon give a much smoother beveled look.
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boom man562 years ago
how does the center go away????????????
Does anyone know how I might acquire a swage press? I hear that they are fastest, and yield the best results for the time invested.
chase326152 years ago
how long does this take
target022 (author)  chase326152 years ago
If you just use a spoon, it could take a few weeks or a few months. It depends on how much time you want to spend on it. You can start it off with a hammer and a small anvil and then finish it with a spoon but you have to be careful not to hit it too hard. That's why I recommend the spoon, takes longer but you'll get nicer results.
Asmodeous3 years ago
tapping takes to long and annoys the inhabitants of your home.
if you screwed up your coin with a hammer (i would use a tiny 8 ounce jewelers hammer and a 2 lb drilling hammer as the anvil) you can always melt it down and pour it into a mold to make an even cooler ring.
matroska4 years ago
A... year?!
you can try it with a hammer, and it will be much faster, though it might not turn out as well.
Badab Danny093 years ago
I can semi-vouch for this. Just started my own with an Australian 1 dollar coin, and the hammer has left scratch marks and notches in the coin. If you are going to make one from a less than mallable coin, you might want to start with a hammer, and then finish up with the spoon. And i find taping up the hammer KIND of works, but the tape tends to break.
hey thomasthetankengine i play drums :D
Danny093 years ago
I'm currently making one using a hammer and an anvil, and its turning out pretty well. I'll try to post some pictures when I'm done.
Danny09 Danny093 years ago
I'm making it with a newer coin, so that might make the hammer work better if the coin is harder because of the other metals in it.
spylock4 years ago
I use a small brass hammer an a 4inch stick of fire wood to set the ring on as I pound,the wood gets a grove in it after a while which help hold the ring while tapping,but its like the man said,if you are impatient you might want to find another prodject.
Halftoasted4 years ago
Well, I might be a silly but I find the old man picture with the "God We Rust" quite funny!

Very interesting instructable. Most likely will try it!
htonks4 years ago
So do you tap it down to the ring circumference you need for your ring size? or around there, and then sand it out to get it right down?
target022 (author)  htonks4 years ago
Yup, exactly.
So...I'm currently tapping mine. Does anyone find rhythm when they tap? Tapping various beats, maybe to music? I just found myself tapping beats :)
haha I just started tapping mine and immediately began tapping out a rythym :)
haha awesome! That happened with me too...obviously. But do you play any instruments? I play trumpet and ukulele and i tiny piano and next to no guitar (but i own one lol)...maybe 'tis natural for musicians?
Actually yeah I've played guitar for 8 years and dibble dabble with the piano, bass, and drums. I guess it's because we're musical geniuses :)
I used a 1992 kennedy half dollar, it turned out very well despite the fact that i could see cooper. i had significant luck by using a hammer and some pliers. i used a barbeque lighter to soften the metal. i went in after and used a spoon to smooth it out.
Can I make this with a canadian quarter?
Dread_Neck4 years ago
I used a bench grinder for this part haha :)
nfaiola994 years ago
what do you do in order to get the hole in the middle?
ashnman24 years ago
Im going to make my own instructable on this one. Ill give you a link when I am done.
bowman4 years ago
How time flies! My Dad told me about this many, many years ago. He had some coins from Japan, silver I think, that he brought back during WWII. I made a ring and it took several weeks, but then I was about 12 y/o and had the time. He also made one while in the service and still had it when I started mine. The project does teach patience. Thanks for the reminder.
dano764 years ago
I've made four or five of these over the years...the best bet is a heavy spoon and a solid piece of wood as your surface. The last one I made, I used a large dowel...you can hold the coin on the dowel with one hand and hammer away. The edge of the coin will indent the wood a little, but this actually will help keep it in place. When the divet gets too deep, just turn the dowel a little. Takes about three hours of tapping.
nc4tc4 years ago
I made a few of these when I was in high school (1960) It goes faster and is more nicely rounded if you tap with the concave side ( front ) of the spoon.
with all this talk of tapping all i have to say is "i tapped that!" LOLZ!
RhondaKwynn5 years ago
Holy crap, it took you a year to finally finish tapping your ring? You can easily do it in a day. What I do is get a thick metal plate and use that for my surface, and I use a thick stainless steel spoon for the tapping. It's very loud though, so I use earplugs.
could you possibly give more detail? I am interested in making a ring, but, I don't want to spend a year making it.
j.winn74 years ago
Great instructable
I used a hammer to make mine, you end up using far less strokes (so less chance of bending the edge too much), and with the weight of the hammer you get a little more control to form the shape. Final polish was done with an little auto polishing compound. Took only a few hours (~4).
i used a blow torch and got it hot enough to where you could flatten out the edges.... it turned out very cool looking when i dipped in olive oil
I can see an automated version coming. A slowly turning coin, clamped, while being pounded by a curved hammer. Preferably driven by a "deer scarer." AKA "shishi odori." VERY GOOD instructable!
o,0 GodWeRust
Ha ha Thats funny, I didn't notice that.
Lol.... Creepy....
aqwiz5 years ago
Recent discovery: "smooth away" hair removal sticky pads are really good for polishing metals of all kinds (I'd say better at that than hair removal)
Being a jeweler I was interested in your idea. However, if you used a small tacking hammer or even ballpein, you could do this in about a day. And using a jewelers saw + #3 blade, (cheap saw frames found at hardware stores) once could cut out the centre with greater accuracy. Then simply file the inside smooth and sand and polish. Novel idea though, nice job. :) I know I can make a silver band in about 15 minutes any size, but that's not what this is about. I like the ingenuity to do something that has been done before but in different ways. Again, kudos! :)
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