Step 3: Size your ring

Picture of Size your ring
As your ring starts to form you will need to determine the size you need.
This site will convert your ring size to inches or mm.
Tap the ring until you ring size is pretty close. You can be off by a 1-2 mm because there will be extra space in the center to play with.
When you reach about size 6 you can see the date and the words "Liberty", "Quarter Dollar", and "United States Of America" on the inside of the ring. This will be your only proof that you made this from a quarter.
hapnjac4 years ago
I made my wife's and my wedding rings the same way,except that I used a half dollar for me. I also used a small hammer and a hard surface.. Now, are you ready for this? That was 57 years ago. We just celebrated our 57th.
Conclusion.......there is nothing new, under the sun!!!
Congrats :)
simonfman3 years ago
the first time i tried this, i realized i had no way to take the center out so what i did is i put a penny on each side and smashed it around them. it's a pretty interesting end result. it's kind of like a... framed penny of sorts? oh well, it's heavy and it looks pretty neat. try it some time :)
foodforlife4 years ago
how do you make it hallow...????
Tonks784 years ago
Is there another way to hollow out the center if you don't have a drill(as I do not) nor a jewelry saw(don't have that eiter). I was thinking of using like an ice pick and a hammer and just make a hole.....? Would that work? How would you sand it...just use sand paper and rub?

This is such a fun idea! Thanks for all the tips!
snworks4 years ago
Doesn't this pictue belong at Step 4, after drilling? It doesn't go with the step 3 desctiption.
Seems like you are tapping to get the size pretty close, but it is not drilled yet. Can you see the letters you are talking about before the drilling? You should have a Step 3 picture of what it looks like after spoon tapping is done and say "OK it's ready to drill."
jagfan4 years ago
Thanks I've been looking for a way to do this, Just got a new toy for my work bench. A flex Shaft Grinder, Like a Dremel but hopefully better from what I've been told. I'll see soon going to try it out on this instructible.
Thanks again, just love this site.
rolichu4 years ago
This is most definitely the coolest instructable i have seen so far. i'm going to start on it right now!
Tamaresque5 years ago
 How does it get hollow?