Step 4: Make a hole

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This part was the hardest for me because I didn't have anything to hold the ring while I drilled it. You need to hold the ring in something that won't scratch it. A vice or vice grips. What ever you use, make sure you pad it to protect the ring. You don't want all that tapping to go to waste.
**Also note that drilling the ring gets it very hot.  It can burn you, handle with care**

I drilled a hole in the center followed by a bigger hole and so on. Drill out as much of the center as you can. A dremel will probably work well here. I didn't have one for my first ring. Once you have enough of the center out you can grind away the edges with a file or dremel.
At this point you can play around with the size. Try the ring on and grind away until it fits right.
slithien4 years ago
Would it be possibal with out a dremal??? If so i might try this with a 50p coin. (yes im from the uk).
harder if your aussie
htonks4 years ago
I'm becoming a bother by now, sorry :P

I have a drill no dremel, but access to someone who probs does.... once i tap down the ring to the approx size, should I just take it to my friendly artist neighbor to help me get the exact size i need?
target022 (author)  htonks4 years ago
Yeah, cause your gonna need to grind out the center somehow. With a dremel, its super fast.
conhow4 years ago
Once you've made the ring and it looks legitimate you could bring it to the local jewelry shop and have it sized down if you wanted or polished ...
armylifer4 years ago
...oh yeah, by the way- a cheap set of jewelers files will smooth the little cut lines inside the ring nicely. Your local dollar store will most likely have them.
armylifer4 years ago
A jewelers saw is much less hazzardous and easier to cut the center out. Drill a small hole near the edge and insert the saw blade and attach it to the saw frame. VOLIA! I use it to cut out the background and leave the prez, LIBERTY,the outside ring and the date to make a nice necklace. A Kennedy or "Ike" silver half dollar is easier though. A dime is a real challenge.
im sorry but there should be a warning here about how hot the quarter/ring gets while drilling... but i hit my head earlier so i might not have the same common sense as some other people right now but i just burned the crap out of my finger definitely 2nd degree.. just saying...
Yes I think its because you hit your head for sure!
I'm sorry. But that's pretty funny
Poppenboom4 years ago
dude this is an awesome instructable!!!! lol gunna try tmrw lol
paqrat5 years ago
Something occurred to me while reading the comments. If one had a jeweler's saw couldn't one cut out the center as a whole disk (after forming the ring) then, from the disk center thus removed, use the spoon on the disk to do the same thing? Seems as though one would get a much smaller ring but I think it would be a usable object.
target022 (author)  paqrat5 years ago
I don't see why not, but it would be a very small ring. Maybe for a child or petite fingers.
FireFreek5 years ago
What type of drill bit is good for this?
A Step Drill would be best. It will allow you to get the diameter you want in, well, easy steps
titanium tips work well.. it has to be a specific drill bit the will cut through metal... any other drill bit will doll and be useless for anything.. i think he should have added to use a lubercant to cut through the heat :) I have my own dremel tool how long will it take me to cut through the center and grind away at the surplus?