Step 6: Done...

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You had built a cheap power supply! You can use it for what ever your needs...
But again do not operate it without any protection!

If you need any help, or questions, or any thing, make a comment!
Jez36510 months ago

Looks great but Ive got one question before I make it... What is the lowest voltage you can charge it at? Or what voltage do you charge it at?

aa salam1 year ago
Is it correct the pin out of ic 7812?
DeShark2 years ago
I know this was over 5 years ago, but you probably wanted to use a different transformer to reduce the voltage further. This would cause the power dissipation of the voltage regulator, keeping it cooler..
jun2x binx4 years ago
Kudos to Plasmana two thumbs up..
makuy5 years ago
hi, can i ask some help. i have a 12v 6amp transformer, what would be the value for the diode?
vitalzero5 years ago
nice job, would this work too to light up an H3 bulb with a constant 12v?
PAKIS-RULEZ6 years ago
BRO do by any chance know how to convert a 5v to 12v dc i have this portable harddrive and it reequire 12v adapter i was thinking to use 5v from laptop or pc and convert it to 12 so i can just plug it in to my pc instead of looking for a power switch to plug my charger. plz let me know
stinkyboy6 years ago
hi - I have been working on a project where I have 24VDC input and need to convert it to 5 VDC to run 6 relays. at full load, total current is about 300 ma. The LM7805 I have gets very hot. I use a heat sink but still smokin' hot. To keep it cool I have to use a small 40mm box fan over the heat sink. when I energize the circuit the relays kick in and work fine. About 15 seconds, the current starts to drop to about 150ma, the relays eventually drop out. The 24 Vin remains stable but the 5 volts drops to about 2.5 volts.I can send a schematic of what I have if it helps. The only thing I do not have is a capacitor across the input side of the regulator, would that cause a problem? Can you help?
You could try to make a voltage divider with resistors to drop the input voltage to a value that is a little less intensive on the regulator. 300ma is nothing for the regulator to handle. I'm pretty sure the lm7805 are rated at either 800ma or 1a max.
kirankore6 years ago
hi, iam doing project with laser,so i want +/-5,+/-12,+/-15,+/-18v power supplies with in one circuit with center tap,is it possible?.if it is possible send the detailed description with step wise.
Use lm713 voltage regulators instead and use a pot on R2 to adjust to the fine tune the voltages to the correct value.
Plasmana (author)  kirankore6 years ago
It might be possible to make a power supply you wanted, but the circuit would be very complicated.
Hi, no problem ,if u know the circuit design,can you send the detailed description step by step.
voodoo26 years ago
What would i add to make the output(voltage)adjustable?
First off - "Good Job." Nicely done. Easy to follow. Second - where did you add the led? Could not figure that out from images/schematics (which were nice, too.)
xxkrishant6 years ago
does it need any power source from the other end
Docfxit6 years ago
Hi, I currently have a Wall Wart that produces 12v 2A. Could you possibly give me instructions on how to convert that to 5v 3A? Is that possible? Thanks, Docfxit
Plasmana (author)  Docfxit6 years ago
Yes, that is possible, you need a special type of regulator called Bulk Regulator, they decrease the input voltage and also increase the output current.
Cap106 years ago
Thanks for the instructable. How did your coil come out? I'm working on a small one also.
Plasmana (author)  Cap106 years ago
It is not completed yet, I still need to buy some more parts..
Plasmana (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
Oh, and you're welcome!