Make a Simple AM Transmitter





Introduction: Make a Simple AM Transmitter

Make a simple AM transmitter that will cost you less than $5.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

A crystal whos frequency is between .9000 and 1.2000 MHz.
Some wire
A male headphone jack
A breadboard or experimental circuit board (optional)

Step 2: Wire It Up

The crystal should have a little black dot on it. This is the only pin that we will not use on the crystal. We will connect the red wire of the headphone jack to the pin above the black dot. The white wire can also connect here if it is a stereo jack. We will connect the black wire or the ground to the pin to the right of the dot.

Step 3: Connect an Antenna to It

Connect the last pin (the pin opposite of the dot) to an antenna. I used a really long telephone wire for my antenna (25 feet or so). I got it to play through my whole nieghborhood. Any sort of insulated wire will work for an antenna.

Step 4: Tune Your Radio

You now have to tune your radio to whatever your crystal says. The crystal will show the frequency in MHz and the radio will show it in KHz. If you used a 1.0000MHz crystal then you will tune your radio to 1000. 1.2000MHz crystal will give you 1200 on the radio and so on.

It may take a little time to find your station but it should work.

The louder you turn your music up, the louder it will be on your radio.

-I also found a better version of this. It uses a modulator. This improves the system a ton. Check out the second picture to see this with the modulator.



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How do I use a morse code key instead? Also, where do I put the battery clip without using the modulator?

you dont need to attach a differet power source as it will take power from the device

Hm... I did everything exactly as you stated (without using a modulator) and this didn't work- at all. I have all the exact components, tried several different radios, etc. and still nothing. Are you sure this works on its own? Has anyone else tried this?

I tried it too, same thing happened to me. Maybe we should use an amp?

Please help me! The crystal has only 2 pins and a frequency of 11.0592 Mhz

(the details are in the photo)

Please is urgent! :(


Firstly, a 11.0592 Mhz crystal is not in the range described in the Instructable. Second, you'll have to find info yourself (I could not find anything on it).

omygosh ware in the world do you get that cristal? i've looked evorywhare.

can we use a 555 timer instead of an audio source in radio-wave transmitter?

If yes, then how can i do it?????