My first published app is available for download on the Android App Market here. The following is a quick tutorial on how practically anyone can create one. This is an app that can display info/media feeds from various sources(facebook, blogs, twitter, searches etc.)

I had to figure out how to build a simple app at work the other day.. so decided to look at all the online webapps that do it for you using content from your website, blog or other feeds.

You'll find a bunch of them if you google, but this one works well(and wasn't blocked by my office firewall).. has a lot of customisability and covers most platforms(android, ios, windows phone, bada..). Its called Conduit, try it at mobile.conduit.com.


I no longer use that site.. found http://www.appyet.com/ to be way better.

Step 1: Heres what you need

1) a computer with internet access
2) some image editing tools and skills
3) content in the form of a blog, twitter, flickr, youtube, etc.. anything with an rss feed will work.
4) a device to test or use the app on - PC/MAC Browser, Android device, IOS Device, Windows Phone, Bada
for android and windows phone the site generates the installer file(.apk etc.) that you can immediately test on your device.
However for IOS and Bada you need to get a dev license


6) If you want to publish your app on any appstore/market you'll need Developer licences for android($23), IOS($99), Windows Phone($99), Bada(free) . i have two android devices and lots of friends and coworkers with android devices as well.. so got the android license. 
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I found perfect site for creating apps...Yesterday I ended up on some site called apps-machine.com . I have to share it with you guys. I started creating my own app and after 15 minutes clicking on their control panel(no programming,just clicks) I made app in what user could make effects on their photos,paint photos,play music,play videos,have notepad,chat and stream music. They got literally 1000's of features on their control panel :D I think this could be a gold mine :P :P And I read something that they have free app development and so on. Aaand you can change everything all the backgrounds,colors,tabs...and you instantly see it on that same page through their simulator..don't know how they managed to do that but it is super handy...I am super excited at the moment..time to get some apps on apple and play store :D :D

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