Picture of Make a simple bike-flag-holder with a 3D printer
A simple clamp for holding a flag on a bike trailer, designed in CAD and printed on a 3D printer.
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Step 1: The Problem

Picture of The Problem
I like pulling the kids in a bike trailer, but the old trailer I bought didn't come with a flag. I'm sure you are an excellent driver, but have you seen how the rest of them drive? So I went to the local bike shop and bought the trailer flag they had.
The flag pole seated in a metal bracket, which seated on the axle between the hub and the frame of the trailer. The metal bracket lasted about two months before it got squished and bent and loose.

Step 2: The Solution

Picture of The Solution
Attaching the flag onto the trailer frame doesn't have to be complicated, but there'a a rapid prototyping machine (a 3D printer) at work, and if you have to ask why, dude, you'll never understand.

The rapid prototyper we have is a Stratasys Prodigy Plus; an FDM 3D printer. The Prodigy Plus seems to have been discontinued, of the current lineup it's probably closest to the FDM 200mc.

The Prodigy Plus takes CAD models as input and prints the parts out of ABS plastic. The resolution is a bit better than 0.010 inches in all three dimensions, though structures of that size are very weak. It prints about 1 cubic inch per hour, depending on settings & geometry. Overhanging geometries are supported by printing a light-weight, water-soluble scaffolding (the prototyper's CAM software adds this automatically).
dscott43 years ago

I would love to see it added to the 3D print group I have just started

BearForce16 years ago
I think the 3D printer is a little too much just to make a bike flag holder. Cool idea though. :|
Cool, but how much are thos printers?? i want 1 :-)
That type starts at about $19k, and the print media cost is typically ~$5-$10 per cubic inch.
EnigmaMax oskay6 years ago
oi. that sucks. should make an instructable on how to make one.
There is a cheaper solution. Ok, in the near future, I should say. It is called RepRap for Replicating Rapid Prototyper.
Infos are here here.
Looks very promising to me. I will try to build one as soon as they solved most of their problems.
those things (the 3D printer and CAD) are damn expensive but reeeeeaaaallly cool we have em at our skool for the drafting and design class i make stuff for my bike all the time
ivanirons6 years ago
Great excuse to play with the 3D printer. Nothing like thinking of something, modeling it, then using it!

Have a good one,
Rapid Prototyping Info
at my school we have a machine similar to this, but our printing trays are plastic.
Couldn't you just do the same thing with a block of plastic and a drill press? Still, cool concept withthe 3d printer thing. I'm going to build a CNC machine this summer, so it'll be nice to have a prototyping machine like that.
Doc Workingday (author)  mothflavour28 years ago
Yes I agree it could have been done much more simply. This was more an excuse to play with the 3D printer than anything else. :-)