Introduction: Make a Simple & Cheap Bug-Bot

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Its a very simple & stupid Robot with a handmade sensor . All of the things you need to make it , is easy to gather for example from internet shop :

Step 1: Connect Gearbox Motors

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Pictures are very clear . You can see & buy Gearboxes & Wheels + Armature motors in this link .

Step 2:

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Shape the paper clips like a Bug antenna & connect it to the tip of micro switch with a wire-shoe & cover it with a small temperature cover .

Step 3: Connect 2 Battery Holder

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Its simple with screws .

Step 4: Stand for Sensors

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Make a stand for your sensors with 2 plastic elements & connect them to metal body of robot . Links of the materials in this step :

plastic elements

Robot Bodies

Step 5: Connect the Power Switch

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Connect the power switch with a adhesive stick to the body .

Step 6: Power Circuit

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Its very simple . We want 3 & -3 volt to CW & CCW rotating for 2 motors .

Step 7: Sensors & Motors Circuits (wiring)

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Its very clear to understand . 0v connected to power switch .


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nice project

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