How to make a simple paper slide rule.

Step 1: Download and Print

You need to download the PDF image of the slide rule from www.extremenxt.com/sliderule.pdf or from link below.  Print the page on paper as thick as your printer can handle.

Step 2: Everything Else You Need

You will also need:
Piece of thin clear plastic 1 by 5 inches

Step 3: Cut Out the Parts

Carefully cut along the solid lines to make the body and slide.

Step 4: The Body and Slide

Step 5: Fold the Body Parts

Fold back along dotted lines to form top and bottom scales.

Step 6: Insert the Slide

Insert the slide. You might need to slightly trim the slide or adjust the folds so that the slide is free to move back and forth.

Step 7: Draw the Cursor

Draw a fine line down the center of the clear plastic.

Step 8: Fold the Plastic

Fold the plastic up about 1 inch from the end. Fold towards the side with the line.

Step 9: Fold Plastic Around Body and Tape

Fold the plastic around the body and tape in back. It should be free enough to slide back and forth also.

Step 10: Finished

Your slide rule is ready to use. In the photo the C and D scales are set to multiply 25 times 2.

<p>I made mine out of butter board so it would last longer</p><p>it still works!!!!!</p>
<p>This is just what I was looking for. I teach 4th grade math and some of my students are struggling with multipication and division. I was hoping to find a simple slide rule I could print out and this will fit the bill nicely. I suspect all my students will want to have their own. I have a feeling something old is about to become very cool again.</p>
<p>This would be a great way for schools to teach the lost art of math in your head. The students could even assemble it them selves.</p>
<p>Thanks, this is very useful.</p>
<p>Great work. I would prolly make one if I didn't still have my original engineering slide rule in it's carrying case. Is that not sad. LOL</p>

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