Picture of Make a simple paper slide rule

How to make a simple paper slide rule.

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Step 1: Download and print

Picture of Download and print

You need to download the PDF image of the slide rule from www.extremenxt.com/sliderule.pdf or from link below.  Print the page on paper as thick as your printer can handle.

Step 2: Everything else you need

Picture of Everything else you need

You will also need:
Piece of thin clear plastic 1 by 5 inches

Step 3: Cut out the parts

Picture of Cut out the parts

Carefully cut along the solid lines to make the body and slide.

Step 4: The body and slide

Picture of The body and slide

Step 5: Fold the body parts

Picture of Fold the body parts

Fold back along dotted lines to form top and bottom scales.

Step 6: Insert the slide

Picture of Insert the slide

Insert the slide. You might need to slightly trim the slide or adjust the folds so that the slide is free to move back and forth.

Step 7: Draw the cursor

Picture of Draw the cursor

Draw a fine line down the center of the clear plastic.

Step 8: Fold the plastic

Picture of Fold the plastic

Fold the plastic up about 1 inch from the end. Fold towards the side with the line.

Step 9: Fold plastic around body and tape

Picture of Fold plastic around body and tape

Fold the plastic around the body and tape in back. It should be free enough to slide back and forth also.

Step 10: Finished

Picture of Finished

Your slide rule is ready to use. In the photo the C and D scales are set to multiply 25 times 2.

This would be a great way for schools to teach the lost art of math in your head. The students could even assemble it them selves.

rimar20001 year ago

Thanks, this is very useful.

apburner1 year ago

Great work. I would prolly make one if I didn't still have my original engineering slide rule in it's carrying case. Is that not sad. LOL