Make a simple stool/bench/coffee table/sideboard

Picture of Make a simple stool/bench/coffee table/sideboard
This is a basic instruction of how you by using standard moulding from a lumberyard can make your own furniture. It’s possible to make them without electrical tools (but of course it’s faster and the result is more precise if you do). I used pine in my furniture, but you can use any kind of wood that you prefer. This furniture can be made really cheap and simple, or more expensive and complicated depending on the choices you make.
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Step 1: Supplies + Tools

Picture of Supplies + Tools
1. Outside corner moulding for the legs; stool or bench ≈1,80m, table ≈2,10m
2. L-shaped moulding for the frame; stool ≈1,50m, bench ≈2,80m, table ≈2,30m
3. Material for the seat or table top; stool ≈35*35cm, bench ≈35*100cm, table ≈40*70cm
(4. Small outside corner moulding for the shelf; table ≈1,50m)
(5. Small moulding for the shelf, table ≈6,20m)
Read the whole instruction to understand why the measurements are approximate.

Tools needed:
- Something to cut the wood with; a circular saw, or if you are working by hand a Japanese saw or veneer saw that enables fine cuts.
- Some things to assemble the wood; wood glue, screws 15-20mm, screwdriver, (staple gun and staples if you have), (clamps if you have).
- Sandpaper (and maybe a hand plane).
(- A drill, it’s easier to tighten the screws if you pre drill.)

Step 2: Cutting the legs

Picture of Cutting the legs
If you’re making a stool or bench the legs should be somewhere between 40-45 cm, and a coffee table is usually between 35-55 cm. You can use any dimensions you like. To measure a furniture that you like and to use that measurement is a good idea. I made the stool and bench 43 cm and the coffee table 50 cm.
If you couldn’t find the moulding in your lumberyard do like the picture shows and glue two pieces of wood together. The picture shows one 44*15mm and one 27*15mm glue together.
If there is sharp edges, round them with a hand plane, then use sandpaper on the edges to get rid of splinters.
RingoWild1 year ago
Thank you! This is exactly what I need!
orbit12122 years ago
i am going to do this just what i am looking for for my new apartment!!!! thanks tessew