A couple of friends are getting married next month and since I know they like the cutting boards I've made for myself I thought I'd make one for them as a gift.  I don't have a table saw (or laser cutter) at home so I made it at techshop.

I used a few pieces of cherry and a piece of purpleheart but any hardwood would work.  In addition to the wood you'll need some waterproof glue (I used Titebond III) and a food-safe finish (I used Good Stuff).

Let's get started.

Step 1: Prep the Wood

Use a chop saw to cut the wood to the same length, then run it through a planer to make it all the same thickness.  After planing the wood, cut it into 1" strips using a table saw.
How did you print their names on it? I want to sign my work but don't know whats best...
<p>he put their names in the wood with a laser cutter. :)</p>
This sounds too interesting that you have made your <br>own personal wood cutting board with little engineering. However, I am ore <br>interested to know that how you managed to print your name on your <a href="http://woodcuttingboard.com" rel="nofollow">Wood Cutting Board</a>? Please also provide information on this as it is looking so elegant. Thanks <br>and keep sharing the nice information.
LOL at that last line, this looks awesome. I'm new at woodworking but this looks do-able for me. I'm going to attempt this for my gift to my parents. Thanks for this clear guide!

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