Make a Slick Hot Wheels USB Key!





Introduction: Make a Slick Hot Wheels USB Key!

Simple steps to make a Hot Wheels USB key with working wheels. Great for rolling across a conference table!



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    now, a lot of people have made car ones of these, but I have been thinking differently and made my USb into a little N scale train carriage!

    very cool. Thought I had an original usb mod, but you beat me to it. good job. now i need to pick out the coolest wheels...

    The keys that I have used could handle the weight of any Hot Wheels car that I have seen. By the time you mount it and hot glue it all together the USB port doesn't even wiggle.

    I created it a while back to send to a friend as a video. Haven't had time to recreate as a slide show. I figured I wait and see how the feedback was before I spent the time. ;-)

    if I had a usb this would be done already, cuz it is cool, 5* and favorited

    BTW, these are all 4GB USB keys. I have a 16GB that will fit in my next one. Also, make sure that you pay attention to how the key fits. If it shorts out on the diecast metal it will fry your key. A friend of mine learned that the hard way. ;-)