You can make your own portable vacuum cleaner using the following steps. Its very easy to make using basic electronic components and mechanical items.

you need:

1> Electronics: one 3V dc motor, one switch , one AAA battery holder. and wires to connect them.

2> Mechanical, one small plastic container, plastic propeller, one small pipe (1cm dia, 1cm long), 6 pcs of small plastic spices ( 5mm x5mm), aluminum wire to make a clamp, and a long plastic or aluminum rod to make a handle.

Step 1: Spec by Step Video Insctruction

click here ( video )

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<p>real nice and well done !</p>
<p>thank you very much.</p>
Nice work
<p>thank you</p>
well done :)
<p>Thanks Kautav</p>
<p>Without the handle, this would be great for gathering crumbs from a kitchen work surface.</p>
<p>yup, good idea</p>
<p>I like it a lot. TFS</p>

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