Picture of Make a snow rake from your shop broom
With 30 inches of snow on the ground and another 12 inches forecast, removing the existing snow from a low pitched roof was necessary to prevent a costly ice dam and interior damage.  An old shop broom, a scrap of 3/8" plywood, a telescoping handle and a few feet of 12 gauge electrical wire transformed an old shop push broom into an effective snow rake.
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Step 1: Find your broom

Picture of Find your broom

Step 2: Remove the handle

Picture of Remove the handle

Step 3: Drill a hole in your plywood

Picture of Drill a hole in your plywood
The scrap piece of 3/8" plywood used in this example is 6 inches by 21 inches and a 1 1/2inch hole was bored on the center line to allow clearance for the handle.

Step 4: Attach the plywood to the broom head

Picture of Attach the plywood to the broom head
drill and screw the plywood onto the head of the broom using  four #7 x 1 5/8" deck screws

Step 5: Drill plywood for braces

Picture of Drill plywood for braces
Drill a 3/16" hole in each of the four corners of the plywood to accommodate the wire brace.

Step 6: Add braces

Picture of Add braces
String two pieces, each 30" long, of 12 guage electrical wire through the holes from the bristle side of the broom

Step 7: Secure the braces

Picture of Secure the braces

Secure the electrical wire to the telescoping handle with a hose clamp.  Bend about an inch of each wire back toward the broom head and secure with a second, larger hose clamp on the broom head side of the first clamp.

Step 8: Put it to work

Picture of Put it to work
Pulling snow off a roof is easier and safer than getting on top with a shovel.  The 3/8 inch thickness of the plywood provides sufficient strength and it is light enough to allow a full 16 foot extension of the handle.
RadBear5 years ago
I was planning on doing a similar Instructable with my extendable pole saw and a broom, but you beat me to it. You even used the hose clamp. Good execution!
csmolka (author)  RadBear5 years ago
Extendable pole saw handle would be a stronger solution but would also weigh more. Good thought!
... especially since the pole saw is a long handle I *do* have.

My problem is that I don't have a good straight-line point of attack on the section of roof I'm more concerned about (flatter). Not a problem yet, but I do want to think about how to clear it if a problem develops.