This tutorial will show how to make a soft battery holder for 3V lithium coin-sized batteries.
You need just 5 pieces of felt and two pieces of conductive fabric.

You can cut the pieces with a pair of scissors. Get the pieces from any local craft store, and zelf conductive fabric from LessEMF. You'll also need some iron-on adhesive backing from the craft store.

Alternatively, you can get all the precut pieces from http://store.aniomagic.com/cute_holder.php

Step 1: Supplies & Preparation

Each holder is 5 pieces of felt:
- 2 base pieces (red)
- 2 stem pieces (white)
- 1 top piece (peacock)

and 2 pieces of conductive material:
- 1 short conductor (plus)
- 1 long conductor (minus)

Additional things:
- A mini-iron, available at any crafts store.
- A 3V large battery (CR2032)

- Turn the iron to its lowest level.
- Remove the paper backing from the pieces that have them.
This is a very handy idea
Wow, I love that mini iron, I've never seen it before
Very Cool!!!

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