Picture of Make a soft toy EVE from the film WALL-E
If you've fallen in love with the film WALL-E but making a WALL-E robot is too complicated for you, why not make a soft toy EVE, it's actually really easy and my kids loved it (and they're all boys). EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is the gorgeous, iPod like super advanced robot that comes to Earth 700 years after humans have left it so that it could be tidied up by robots like WALL-E. This model can be made very simply with no arms or with arms if you fancy making a couple of button holes and sewing on some buttons.

This instructable will supply a good quality picture of EVE's face and her plant icon, but if you want you can go to the EVE project on dadcando where you can download a printable version that is suitable for ink jet printing straight on to white cotton to make it even easier.

You can use a glue gun instead of a sewing machine, but a sewing machine does give you the best results.

what you'll need:

  • White cotton (old pillow case or bed sheet is ok)
  • Two white shirt buttons
  • White thread
  • Soft toy stuffing (although you can use a few carrier bags at a push)
  • A small piece of stiff fabric interlining
  • Sewing machine (ideally, but glue gun also a possibility)
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CAHNTX made it!3 months ago

Our 6 year old daughter and I made this project. She's always loved the movie and we had a blast. It was her first sewing project ever (keep that in mind when looking at the photos) ! She takes it everywhere and has had many children (and parents) ask where they can get one. We've always told them to look up your "Instructable." Thanks so much for posting this!

KaptinScarlet (author)  CAHNTX2 months ago
Thank you for sharing those pictures and your story. That is excellent work for a person of any age let alone for a 6 year old. I loved the film too and glad you and your daughter enjoyed this Instructable. On my website www.dadcando.com I have many more projects but I haven't really explored using the sewing machine at all really, so maybe it is something that I should do more of.
hxiaoqi1 year ago
So cute and the character is moving. Just click robot eva plush toy and bring it home
ftouil1 year ago
So cute!!!
winterfresh4 years ago
Absolutely lovvveee iiittttt!!!!!!!

I wonder, is there any way to make eve a bit rounder? Aka less conical like she is in the movie?
tinker2344 years ago
wow my cousins are into this this would be a great present
lindo... amanzing....
Cross_5 years ago
Two suggestions to make this wonderful project even more professional: a) trim the curved seams by making small V cuts in the seam allowance; once turned inside out this should reduce any bumps around the edges b) cover the buttonholes with clear nail polish- that will prevent potential fraying or unraveling, especially if the arms are moved a lot
lala1546 years ago
you could just sew a line around it
talonlily6 years ago
I've only made a test one of these so far ( I have not used a sewing machine in 13 years) but my kids love it!!! My 8 month old won't sleep without it and my 3 year old takes it everywhere. I guess I have to make more : D
KaptinScarlet (author)  talonlily6 years ago
I'm glad you like it. My son (even though he was 8 when I made it) still has it as one of his favourite bed time cuddly toys.
narniapc6 years ago
hey i made one for my mum she really likes it and one for my little kitten he plays with it all the time he ripped off an arm but it was really easy to sew back into place
KaptinScarlet (author)  narniapc6 years ago
sounds like fun
why dont teh armz go in? i r is havung teh mastur gramurz
KaptinScarlet (author)  tuckerton2966 years ago
w t f a y o a ?
Wario6 years ago
I just got around to creating EVE, I admit being a fanboy of hers too. I like the button idea, it allows you not only to remove the arms for the closed look, but allows you to put on the blaster arm if you make one
KaptinScarlet (author)  Wario6 years ago
yeah just what I thought, but where's the picture??
Pictures for you, i drew and colored the face by hand with perminate marker and felt tip craft markers, I sewed it nearly perfect too, twas extremely fun to make.
Picture 004.jpgPicture 005.jpg
KaptinScarlet (author)  Wario6 years ago
That's superb, thx for the pics. Would you mind if I put them up on dadcando?(that's my site and it's where the project originally came from...)
Yes please, im the Wario there too
KaptinScarlet (author)  Wario6 years ago
All done, and with that upload you keep your free status on dadcando until August! SO thankx for the pictures, they look great, glad you enjoyed the project.
Yep, it was very fun, everyone wanted to hug it too
Wario6 years ago
oh, almost forgot to say, I had a test to find the softest material to make eve and guess what, a white T-shirt is actually extremely soft material when stuffed, so thats what I used.
KaptinScarlet (author)  Wario6 years ago
Yeah, good idea
thanks, also the plant logo on mine is internaly strobed like the movie
gosub6 years ago
That would make a cute back pack too. Nice work.
baneat6 years ago
MHR6 years ago
Thank you so much for this...this will make a perfect from the heart Christmas gift for my girlfriend. (and I'm not just trying to copy the last guys answer :-P )
KaptinScarlet (author)  MHR6 years ago
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but hey it makes a great present so may be great monds think alike!
micjwelch6 years ago
You officially inspired me. I borrowed your arm joint idea and made a Wall-e. As soon as I get some white fabric, I'll be making Eve. Thanks.
KaptinScarlet (author)  micjwelch6 years ago
thx, he looks great BTW.
anngel3696 years ago
can't wait to try it out! thanks
tsharris6 years ago
This was great fun to make! I did one for my girlfriend and uploaded some photos to Flickr - check it out...


I too made one for my girlfriend. I used screen printing ink for the details. The eyes were done with a dark blue and then redone with a glow in the dark blue so the eyes glow a bit after the lights go out. :D
KaptinScarlet (author)  tsharris6 years ago
You did a great job, I hope she was pleased with it. I see that you used the ink jet printing onto fabric idea. She looks really cute.
FBenitez7 years ago
Great Instructable, and looks like its very easy to do. I'm gonna try this soon, for my girlfriend - she's crazy about Wall-e. Thanks for sharing!
KaptinScarlet (author)  FBenitez7 years ago
thx, glad you like it.
"boy or girl... and if you don't think it's a MAN thing... come on, my brother made his wife's wedding dress, now how cool is that?" HHmmm, sewing has always been said to be a womans thing, but there is only me and my girlfreinds dad that I know that can.... an electronic engineer and a builder. Go figure.
Yeah, my comment was that if you don't think it's a MAN thing then think again. A sewing machine is a neat piece of engineering kit, just like a drill or a lathe, so it's only a cultural taboo that gender stereotypes it. I have three boys and we do all sorts of things like this as well as the more normally accepted BOY things, because I want them to grow up without any shallow preconception about what they can and can't do
I made one of these last night, had to do it by hand tho, no sewing machine! Didnt turn out as well as i hoped, but the missus took it off to bed before I could put the arms on, so it cant be that bad... Could post a pic if I knew where to send it...
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