Make a Solar Battery Charger in 5min





Introduction: Make a Solar Battery Charger in 5min

Use a garden lamp to charge batteries. This lamp cost $4.00. I used it to charge the batteries for my beard trimmer.

Step 1:

Take out the three screws holding the unit together.

Step 2:

Insert the battery you wish to charge. Mine was an AAA, so I had to strech the spring and pop the positive connector out and reposition it.
Then just put it back together and place it in the sun for a day or two. You'll have to take the battery out before it gets dark or it will light up and use power. I suppose you could cut the wires to the diode if all you need it for is charging.



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    That's really cool, man! Will this or similar charger
    work for my electric beard trimmer? I usually use a lithium-ion battery for beard trimmer to be able to groom my beard in my office, car or
    even on a camp side. But charging my trimmer in the sun sounds yet more cool to
    me! Do you have any idea about how I can manage that?

    u no how it has the positive and negative will it charge a cell phone if u connect them like a phone chrger strip and put the wires together and negative with nagitive do u think it will have enough to charge

    ahhhhh i have the exact one u gotit from wallmart huh hahahahah

    what is he voltage rating of the solar panel?

    If you get the larger yard light ,and cut the wires to one and attach both to a battery would it not charge it in one day. I use a yard light solar charger to power a flash light that I keep in the car,made as above and it works very well. .

    2 replies

    Probably, it depends on the mah of the battery and how much the panel puts out. I havn't really done a lot of testing or calculations to know exactly whats going on. I'm sure there are people on here who could tell you in a heartbeat.

    i found cheap yard lights at target to try this approach with a in line switch for the light Hopefully someone can give us both the particulars