Introduction: Make a Sound-o-meter

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Have you always wanted one of those lights that you see in front of a stereo?
well here is how to make one!

requied tools and stuff:
-  kids disco light
- wire's
- screw driver
- soldering iron
- 5 LEDs
- a piece of cardboard
- a 4mm drill

have fun and leave a comment if you feel to!

Step 1: Taking It Apart

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take the light, and remove all the screws, remeber to remove to batteries first!

Step 2: Observing

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once you have opend the plastic case, take a look at what is on the inside.

there are some things to notice and have to be there in order complete this project:

- a small microphone
-al least 5 diferent output's

the output numbers are numberd in the correct order!
r1=1 r2=2 (you can figure out the rest)

Step 3: Making the Board Ready

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make 5 different holes with the 4mm drill and put in the LED's, make sure the flat side is pointing UP and not down.
If you made them line up good, you can solder all the POSITIVE legs together.

Step 4: Making the Right Connections

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if you soldert all the POSITIVE together, make sure the end of the wire is connected to the GND, that is where 1 of the 2 power sources come form.

if that is done, you will have to solder the 1st LED to R1 2nd LED to R2, and so.

Step 5: Finished!!!!!

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if you have solderd every thing in place it will work!

leave a comment if you have any questions or sugestions!

greets, dinky


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