In this instructable  i will tell you how to make a bike with loud speakers for way cheap!! with this old bike..

Step 1: Things Needed

 allot of wire,flat head screw driver,amp,old stereo speaker,rope,old (but working) laptop battery............If wanted...switch,and washer clamp.

Step 2: Optional, Wire and Mount the Switch

 what the title says...

Step 3: Were to Put It.

 Find were your going to put it...

Step 4: Hook It Up

Hook it up! (not for long just to see if it works)

Step 5: Test

 Time to test

Step 6: Mount It!

 If you like it mount it!

Step 7: The Finishing...

 Stuff the wires behind things (for neatness),make sure wont fall off.!!!.

too bad the video is in &quot;mov&quot; format. i can't get it to play with gom or windows media player<br />

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