Picture of Make a spooky Darth Vader Pumpkin!
How I created my Darth Vader pumpkin!
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Step 1: Tools needed

Picture of Tools needed
You will need, masking tape (the kind painters use), a selection of knives: a large kitchen knife, some smaller scalpel type knives (I got these from a pound store/dollar store), scissors for cutting out your design.

Step 2: Your design on the Pumpkin

Picture of Your design on the Pumpkin
I chose Darth as my design, as my cousins are still very much in to Starwars, the process is the same for what ever design you choose.

I found a suitable Darth image that was laser etched on to the back or a white PSP (you'll find it if you search google images!)

I saved it, zoomed in on my laptop, held some paper over the screen and traced the outline.

I then cut this out and taped it to the pumpkin.

Top Tip!
If your Pumpkin has been refrigerated make sure you allow it to rise to room temperature before you stick anything on it, as condensation will form on the skin.

Step 3: Cutting!

Picture of Cutting!
Now the action! Time to get chopping!

I used the large chisel type blade to chop out the major detail.

Top tip!
start from the middle and work out. This keeps the pumpkin strong. I chopped out the large bits first which was a bad thing to do!

I then changed to the smaller angled scalpel like blade for the more delicate work.

Step 4: Results

Picture of Results
Well, what do you think? Looks quite convincing!

I had one problem where I sliced through a major section of my pumpkin, so I used a small carpenters nail to re attach it.

I hope you found this useful, if you have any questions post a comment below and I'll see if I can help you out :)
Geoffrito2 years ago
Hah, fancy finding this. I just carved my pumpkin last weekend, I went for a head-on (sorry about that one) perspective.
darth pumpkin.jpg
Here's my attempt! <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img7902px9.jpg">http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img7902px9.jpg</a><br/>
(No insult to maker, but I think yours is better than his)
Haha thanks.
I thought I should have shot at it with some .22 to make stars :D
Haha, cool! I love the little Death Star up in the corner :-)
Thanks for the inspiration haha
Cool I want to try that Next Halloween!!
I think that looks really cool!:)
Rufda Camen6 years ago
did you have a patter? can you share? THX
Do you mean pattern? If so then I think this'll be the one that he used...
DarthVader 3.4.jpg
What are those pictures called?
Is stencils the word that you're looking for? A black and white image similar to that?
Thanks you a lot!!!!
No problemo! :-)
St0ney7 years ago
Nice tutor ! I carve FOAM kins using the cut through the pattern method. by gluing it on with white school glue. for real kins - I use transfer paper - to transfer the pattern. St0ney stoneykins.com
Sunny1246137 years ago
It kinda looks like a DV mask from an angle and you tilt your head one way and....
Sunny1246137 years ago
GREAT!! I just have to try this next hall-o-ween !!!LOL
awsome7 years ago
Ok i have to admit,this is one of the strangest things of star wars i've ever seen.But I'll Have to admit,it does look cool!Its really funny because i found this when i typed in paper ninja star!lol
Sunshine757 years ago
I like it, but I'm also a self proclaimed Star Wars nerd.
Nice one, I like it! -May the dark side of the force be with you-
i kinda see vader but it is an auwsome idea
Neodudeman7 years ago
Don't worry, I see Darth Vader. ;-)
Markp.com (author)  Neodudeman7 years ago
Thanks man! :) I guess I have to work harder next year :)
Aucifer7 years ago
It's doesn't really strike me as the Darth Vader mask. I don't see the resemblence...
Markp.com (author)  Aucifer7 years ago
Ha! Thanks for you great, helpful comment! ;)

Here, this might help you out: http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.engadget.com/media/2007/10/darth-vader-psp.jpg
Honestly, the picture is a bit too close and is kinda hard to make out as what it's suppose to be. I can see it fine in the thumbnail, but looks off to me in the full size too. I'm sure it looks great though.