Picture of Make a spooky spider counting book with your toddler
Here's an idea for making a super-fun, super-easy Halloween counting book.

I got the idea last year when my daughter and I made a similar one last Halloween in a class we were taking. At the time she was only 2 so I did most of the work. Now that she's 3 year old she insisted on doing practically the entire thing herself---what a difference a year makes!

This book requires minimal materials and hits heavy with oodles of delicious learning opportunities like:

*Counting skills
*Number recognition
*Number words recognition
*Practice fine motor skills through cutting, stamping, lacing and writing
*Develop reading self-esteem and risk-taking through practicing a familiar text
*Opportunity to extend the challenge by using advanced counting skills (If there are 8 legs on a spider how many legs on 4 spiders? etc...etc..)
*Practice letter and number writing skills
*A mini-lesson in recycling



Step 1: Gather necessary materials

Picture of Gather necessary materials
Most of the materials you probably have around the house already..awesome...and if not it's easy to adjust so you don't have to make an extra trip to the store.

For the spider book you will need:
cereal box
white paper (we used 9x12)
hole punch
stamp pad
a few thumbs

mole12 years ago
This is great! The only thing I'd change is the use of Sharpies by kids. Non-toxic water based markers would probably work as well.
ItsYourDime5 years ago
Awesome! My son and I will have fun with this one! I am always looking for fun activities that have some learning in them. :) You have really good Instructables.
DoubleDutchery (author)  ItsYourDime5 years ago
 Thanks so much! So glad you like my Instructables!
 Thank you and I'm glad you like my Instructables!
 This is great! I especially love the daddy long leg page XD. 
DoubleDutchery (author)  justa_person5 years ago
 Thanks! That's my favorite as well! ;)
rob-e5 years ago
 Really cool...great job!
DoubleDutchery (author)  rob-e5 years ago
 Thank you so much!
ChrysN5 years ago
What a great project!  The spiders are so cute too.
DoubleDutchery (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
 Thanks! :)