Step 4: Okay, now the fun stuff starts

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Find your subject! In the case of this instructable, it will be a portrait. If you need to go out and take a picture, do it. If you already have a pic, good. Take it into your favorite image editing software and crop it and resize to 8"x10".

To do a photorealistic mosaic, you would then just print it out, cut it out if necessary, and tape it into the back of your frame, like you were framing your template. I warn you now that I don't do photorealistic style because it is HARD. Really hard. you need tiny pieces, lots of colors, and more paitience than you would think or have. (Unless you do, in which case, damn you are dedicated.)

To do a stylized mosaic like mine, use a filter or hand draw over the photo using tracing paper. I use the "cutout" filter in photoshop and usually go with 2-4 layers depending on how many colors I want to use. Play around with it to see what you want to do, and it helps if you pick your theme of colors now. With mine I went with black/white/red and a little green.

Once you have your template finalized, print it and tape it into the back of your frame securely.

StephenW47 months ago

Big thanks for this. The filter tip will save a lot of time. Photoshop C6 requires you to "convert for smart filter" before you can use the "Cut out" filter.

shazni6 years ago
this is really nice....for people who cant find coloured glass or tiles...or if it's very expensive like in my country...or sometimes if we are lazy... paste a photogragh...and then paste clear cut glass on top. then do the same grout stuff. and Bang!!! you have almost the same effect!