The pun was too good to pass up.  I was going to do a painting of something like this, but with Halloween around the corner I thought I'd take a shot at the real thing.  It was pretty easy and only took a couple hours and a few bucks.  Endless possibilities here if you want to do something a little different this year.  
Happy Halloween!

Step 1: Get Yourself a Pumpkin.

Ugly is good.  In fact, I bet that the uglier the pumpkin, the cooler the result.  
I hollowed mine out, thinking that I was still going to light it jack-o-lantern style,  but in hindsight I should have left it whole.
<p>It's so funny XD</p>
<p>how'd u do the eyes</p>
Wow, scary and beautiful:D how can you have something like this at home, doesn&acute;t it scare you?:D
Creepy cool,nice job.
Ohh its a stumpkin :D
Cool. I've been making Steampunkins from foam for a couple years now. <br>Congrats on being a finalist! <br>https://www.facebook.com/Steampunkins <br>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
If I could vote for this one twice, I would.
Kind of reminds me or Alastor &quot;mad eye&quot; Moody from the potter movies. <br> <br>http://images2.makefive.com/images/entertainment/books/top-5-harry-potter-characters/alastor-mad-eye-moody-7.jpg <br> <br>Might use a collection of these ideas here to create a keeper. Use the 'foam punkin (funkins)' from kurknotkirk's post and the 'jack o lantern one with hollow eyes and blinking displays...and a glowing furnace somewhere on it' from bcavaciuti's post, combined with your already great and talented ideas ... it would be epic!
wow, thats awesome you are talented!
Amazing! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
You're a genius with sculpy! And those eyes make it shuddery creepy.
Awesome! Those eyes are so creepy! (creepy in that they are on a pumpkin)
Something like this is too cool to put on a real pumpkin that would rot... I am going to make this on a foam punkin (funkins) and that way I could do the glowing furnace effect as suggested in the comments above. Such a great job!!
Awesome !
looks good. <br>would you care to share some dry brush techniques?
Thanks everybody for the comments! <br>As for the dry brushing, this is how I do it but I'm sure there are some proper techniques out there. It's often used in painting little rpg figurines (those little Peuter guys), so you might find some good technical videos on YouTube. <br> <br>I like to use an old, beat up brush. <br>I like &quot;Golden&quot; acrylic, and they have some nice iridescent colors. I used bronze and copper for this. If you're a painter I'd recommend playing around with some of their mediums. Modeling paste is awesome. <br>Get a little paint on the brush, then work it around on your palette to remove almost all the paint from the brush. When you begin applying to your work surface try and only apply in one direction. You should immediately begin to see the high points in the texture pick up the paint. Just use a light touch, and be careful not to have too much paint on the brush when reloading. It's also best to use a really light color for your dry brush over a darker base; it really makes the texture pop.
Those eyes are staring into my soul.
Thats amazing and so much cooler than just carving a face I love its eyes, kinda creepy, :)
This looks awesome!
maybe you could make a jack o lantern one with hollow eyes and blinking displays...and a glowing furnace somewhere on it, if you put a splarkler or fire crackers in it it could look amazing(but not the exploding ones obviously...cogs flying everywhere would not be pretty :P
Cool! evil pumpkins r awesome!!!
Ooh, it's gorgeous :D Your sketches look so good, too. <br> <br>I like how the mouth looks
Oh, how cute. What a grumpy looking pumpkin! <br /> <br />Sculpy is a great idea for something like this!

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