Picture of Make a super-cheap Halloween yard display
I've just moved into a new house with a couple friends in the past couple weeks, and with all hallow's eve coming up in the next few days I thought I'd share my quick and surprisingly nice looking yard display. The biggest key is using materials that are either cheap or easy to come by for free. At most this entire setup cost me 20 dollars.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Ever the dumpster-diver, when I went looking for materials I went poking around behind some local businesses. If it's in the dumpster (skip for the brits) it's free to take. I grabbed a couple shipping pallets, some foam, and a big tangled mess of thin "fish tape" rope.

These alone won't be enough though, so head to your hardware store and grab a couple cans of the cheapest black spray paint you can get, and one can of similarly cheap red. Snag a can of expanding foam as well (great stuff). A box of 2" nails to hold it all together and you're all set.

Step 2: Gory Juicy Guy

Picture of Gory Juicy Guy
Since I had plenty of boxes around from moving, I broke one down flat, outlined a human shape onto it, and squirted the expanding foam in the outline. Once this expanded and hardens it makes a good base for a gory body.

Paint the whole thing black, then before it dries add some red while the black is still wet. The two paints mixing give a charred bloody look, and you can add more red or more black to taste for what you like.

Once dry you can either nail this whole cardboard plank to a tree as a standee, cut it out, or place it wherever you like. Two cans of great stuff would do good for really filling out the shape, but it's plenty creepy with one can. Just don't go for a full sized adult with one can as it'll probably run out 3/4 through.

Credit for this idea comes from the "How Much is Inside" adventures.
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calicos4 years ago
Wow... why didn't I look for this idea BEFORE Halloween? I love the idea of using the expandable foam to create the burned body - I'll have that on ground, next to the firepit! My husband has easy access to pallets - I never thought of using them for crosses and fences and I really appreciate the suggestion to 'break them up' to make them look aged. I think my favorite though, how sick am I? is the axe in the tree with the blood - maybe because I really do enjoy wood chopping? This all looks great and boy, you can't beat the price. GREAT instructable!