Step 4: The monster spider web of DOOOM!!!

Picture of The monster spider web of DOOOM!!!
Once I'd straightened out the tangle of rope, I decided to make a big spiderweb from it. First act of business is to set up the top, bottom, and spoke lines.

Nail a nail into the tree at a good angle, tie a loop in the first end of the rope, and hook it on the nail. Hammer the nail with rope on it down flat on the tree. String the line to the next tree and do this again, making sure to put tension on the line as this will support a lot of the weight on the web and you don't want it sagging. Bring it diagonal and attach it to the tree, then back across to make the bottom line.

Now it should look like a sideways N. Bring it back up diagonal to make an hourglass shape, looping it through the original loop holding the first end of the rope. bring it straight down the side of the tree and nail it in the middle of height of the tree to make the first side of the middle spoke, then nail it to the other side.

Bring the rope back to the middle at either the top or bottom, and use some superglue or fancy knot to keep it centered in the middle. Bring it to the other end,tie it in place, and you're spokes are done.

For the webbing, I just spiraled the line going inward. A little trial and error is in order to find a means of tying that hold the line without slipping much.