Step 7: Details, details, details...

Picture of Details, details, details...
In looking for other details to add, I rummaged through my tool closet and found my hatchet, which when planted firmly into a tree and given some red paint for "blood" becomes another prop.

To try and lighten the whole thing up some I also made a small cross and wrote "Trick or Treat" on it and posted it by the front door.

Since the fence didn't go all the way to the front door to keep kids out of the display I added some chain between the house and fence, then gave it a shot with the black paint, but left some of the shiny part exposed.

The "Here lies Dracula" sign and stake in the mound was also an afterthought I came up with the dress up the generic cross marker.

We also replaced the front porch light with a red bulb to make things a little creepier.