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Introduction: Make a Super-heroine Shield

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Hi everyone !

This is my first insctructable and first big tutorial in english so please be fair with me ^^

The shield you see is just an exemple , you can make every shield you want. you can customize them as you want !

For this build you will need some stuff : A cutter - whipsaw - loctite brand glue - Eva foam sheet ( 1 cm thickness 5 mm and 3 mm )

Step 1: First Step : Drawing Your Pattern

I'm using illustrator, you can change the size of your drawing without loosing resolution or details.

Here are some exemple.

Once you think your pattern is good you have to print it at echel 1.

scotch tape your sheet together to get your pattern complete.

Step 2: Make the Shape of the Shield

Take a sheet of EVA foam ( actually foam use to protect the floor ) and cut a circle at the chosen size.

to bend the foam, cut of a litle part from the midle of circle to the edge and glue it.

Then you can start cutting the differents part following your pattern. and glue them on the shield.

You can use pin to fixe the foam details on the shield this will make the glue step very easy ( don't have taken pic for that ) sorry

For my shield, i used little stars to add more details.

Step 3: The Paint Job

First you have to apply 3 layer of wood glue the glue will work as light resin, the glue will correct the little imperfection and will add a smooth effect on the shield.

Then add 2 layers of primer

1 layer of black paint and then you can start the real paint job

I let you made your own

Step 4: Want to Fix It on the Wall

Just make a litle hook glue it on the back and it's done ^^

I used SINTRA pvc, cut it with the whipsaw

Step 5: You Can Also Make Real Shield Sangle System

using leather / screw and glue

Step 6: And the Final Product

i hope you will find the essentials informations to make these shield.

enjoy it and forgive me for my english

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I totally am going to do this for halloween this year! Just a quick question: in step 3 after applying wood glue and primer do you have to do the layer of black paint?Could you do a different color instead or will that mess something up? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't do a ton of projects involving spray paint..

i use black paint for ease of use. i explain : when you do the paint job it's possible that you miss some parts. if your layer is white or i don't know maybe green xD. the part that you missed will be very showy. if it's black it will be mingled with the rest of the paint job.

you can also hide some black parts with tape and create some contrast.

I've tried a white layer one time and that was a real disaster ! sometimes the parts i've have to paint are so little i just make a black layer and a quick dry brush and it's done. much easier than to paint all the little part with a pencil and tape .

Dang this is amazing. I'm going to use this instructable to make a Captain America Shield. I'll show you when I'm finished :)

Yeah !! The first one with 3 stars ? Or the new one with circles red and blue ? Because i ve made the first one one week ago and i can send you pics if you want it.

the one with circles red and blue. I am hoping to also make the original one from WWII. That would be greatly appreciated, reference pictures will help a lot!

i've just updated the instructable with new pics on the last step. as you can see i've customize the shield ( as always ) with some relief. you can also use a woodburning tool to trace the circles on the foam, something like what nemo13 did in the coms.

Okay awesome thanks. That will help a lot!

how did you join the shields from the center after applying glue to it ?

Sorry to be late ( euphemism ;) ) once you have applied the glue put the shield flat on your work surface and then using your both hand join the shield starting from the center to the edge.

Very cool, Ive not attempted a shild yet just a few ironman projects, how stirdy did you find the shield once completed?

Ive found with the ironman suits ive made from the same materials Ive had to add layers of the wood glue on both outside and inside of the armor to stop the other side that has not been coated from getting out of shape. is the shield the same or did it not need the extra support?