Make a Super Loud Whistle With an Acorn or Other Pocketed Object





Introduction: Make a Super Loud Whistle With an Acorn or Other Pocketed Object

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Someone showed me this with an acorn a few years ago. Once you figure out how to do it well, you can use all sorts of objects to make a super loud whistle. This is handy if you are lost in a forest, just want to get someones attention, or if you want to ref an impromptu soccer game.

Caution as this is so loud, you may not want to try it indoors!

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Step 1: The Hands

hold your hands so your thumbs are touching like the picture below. Rotate your hands open slightly like you are making a butterfly shadow puppet (see second picture) Note the "V" shape created at the top of your thumbs.

Step 2: Holding the Acorn Cap

You want to hold the acorn cap so it is totally sealed all around except for in the "V" shape you made with your thumbs.

Please excuse my hands, as an industrial mechanic, this is about as clean as they ever look.

Step 3: The Blow

Press your lower lip gently against your thumbs as shown, your upper lip kind of sits on top.

Blow hard. It will probably take a bit to figure it out right but when you get it, it will be loud!

Step 4: Video Examples

In these examples the sound does not do it justice.

Good luck



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    Thanks now gotta go try it

    That is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. First principles;what is actually going on with a whistle, why is it louder than when you just whistle with your lips?

    super simple and super awesome! thank you!

    I wrote that being completely unenlightened to the fact that it was a southern sort of phrase (at least, I don't think I've met any Northerners that use it). Feel free to flame me for being a noob at linguistics.

    my father taught me this technique years ago, i glue a bottle cap and a beer top together an carry them around(fr the different pitches)

    I love doing this I learned it at a bible camp!!! When ever I do it people get very annoyed. Great Instructable!! 5/5*

    The video is very good, thanks for showing how it can be applied to many different things! I am going to go out right now to find an acorn.

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    I don't remember who it was, but someone taught me this when I was growing up. I was recently showing some friends at a park and before you knew it, we had a whole crowd of people around and I was giving an impromptu lesson on how to whistle with an acorn. This is an awesome whistle, but I wonder what the decibel level is. I know it ridiculously loud (deafening even), but I wonder how it compares to say, a jet taking off or something. Any idea? Thanks for the Instructable, nice job.

    Thanks for the idea. I think my grandkids would like this.

    How you hold the item isn't the key to making a noise on it. Your method might make it easier to do, but the key thing is blowing straight down on the edge of the circular object. This is how end-blown flutes are played. You can make the same sound by putting the object to your lips with one hand, to one side of your mouth, so the edge is right across the center of your mouth. Then you blow. You can also do this with bottles, making a high-pitched sound, much louder than the usual low tone you get by blowing across the top of a bottle.

    I forgot the grass thumb thing so i just put it in between my lips, with plastic from a bag it's really high pitched and annoying

    i use a strand of grass using both your hands use both thumbs and put your thumbs side by side and hold the grass in between your thumbs like a reed. cant be botheres to draw diagrams and its not too dificult to figure out thats quicker thananacornbecause you can find grass anywhere.

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    I can do that too but there is no comparison between noise levels. The acorn is super loud and shrill. Grass sounds like a whoopie kazoo

    thanks, i tried it, and it works form me. In first time i dont get it how to make fingers in V. Nice i tried bottle cap, forks fine.