Make a super loud whistle with an acorn or other pocketed object

Picture of Make a super loud whistle with an acorn or other pocketed object
Someone showed me this with an acorn a few years ago. Once you figure out how to do it well, you can use all sorts of objects to make a super loud whistle. This is handy if you are lost in a forest, just want to get someones attention, or if you want to ref an impromptu soccer game.

Caution as this is so loud, you may not want to try it indoors!

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Step 1: The hands

Picture of the hands
whistle 002.jpg
hold your hands so your thumbs are touching like the picture below. Rotate your hands open slightly like you are making a butterfly shadow puppet (see second picture) Note the "V" shape created at the top of your thumbs.

Step 2: Holding the acorn cap

Picture of holding the acorn cap
You want to hold the acorn cap so it is totally sealed all around except for in the "V" shape you made with your thumbs.

Please excuse my hands, as an industrial mechanic, this is about as clean as they ever look.

Step 3: The blow

Picture of the blow
Press your lower lip gently against your thumbs as shown, your upper lip kind of sits on top.

Blow hard. It will probably take a bit to figure it out right but when you get it, it will be loud!

Step 4: Video examples

In these examples the sound does not do it justice.

Good luck