Step 2: Tools

- a needle and thread
- scissors
- duct tape
- tape measure
- crescent wrench
- 2' steel wire
(metal punch, hammer, channel locks or vice)
<p>i would love to make this but i dont have a bean to put the change on</p>
This is such a great idea!
your baby is so cute,and he loves it, i love it and want to try do it.too, lol.
I <strong>love</strong> this! &nbsp;One look at your son's face tells me <strong>he</strong> loves it, too.<br> <br> Great work!!!!!
This no Toddler Swing&quot; this is VEGGIE swing.. lozzz.. :P. Hey nice effort though.
A child does not complain that he was uncomfortable to sit? It may be worth it to sew back a little rest?
You may want to weave a rope through those links. I'd be worried about him getting a finger in there and pinching it when you are putting him in and out.
if you notice, there is a clear hose over the chain to protect their little fingers.
That is just awesome! And it looks like you put a lot of thought into how to secure it and make it safe :)
Awww, <br>He's so cute!!!
Very cute and creative idea. <br> <br>Have you tested the denim to see how much weight it can safely hold? or do you have any recommendations for others who may want to make your project? <br> <br>I'm guessing that a heavier denim would be needed, and probably a maximum weight for the child?
well, these were my husband's shorts, and he has sat in it. The denim is amazingly strong. i wouldn't worry about any kid under 40 lbs.
That's good to know. Thanks for sharing your great project! :-)

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