Step 6: Search for Colors


Good reader. You're learning.

Next, shalt thou peruse over the packets of sugru that were thusly dumped onto the table in the preceeding step. Thou should find 4, being the number four, unique colorations on the packets, denoting the frequencies of light which the material within the packet will cause to be directed to an onlooker's eyes upon looking at such material contained within each colored packet.
A little off topic, but Adam Savage of Mythbusters pointed out that the name Nook e-reader is really a poor choice of a product name. Say it really fast, and you'll see why.
I don't get it
It's the Nook e-reader, or the "Nooky" reader. You can't use the Nooky reader when your wife is busy using her iPad.
sorry but i still dont get it. whats a nooky?<br>
Ah. I was trying &quot;nooknooknooknook&quot; :)
While nooknooknooknook is pretty funny, it's not quite as funny as the Nooky Reader. :)
Right. That's why I didn't get it at first :)
hey JesusFreke, I am loving your Instructable, hilarious, but also totally ingenious :)
Thanks! Glad you liked it :). I was feeling a bit.. erm.. goofy, that day :)
what is sugru usually used for ? Ive never heard of it
It's a silicone rubber that comes in 5g sachets. You can mold it by hand for 30 minutes after opening. It then cures in ~24 hours and bonds, they claim, to lots of stuff. Search Instructables for sugru. There's also a gallery of hacks using sugru at their website. (I'm not associated with them either, just a happy customer)
It's a fairly new product. There are already other instructables that show how other people have used it. You can see more at www.sugru.com (I'm not associated with them in any way, I just like their product! :)

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