Make a tiny craps table out of stuff around the office.

Picture of Make a tiny craps table out of stuff around the office.
Sometimes I get bored at work, sometimes I like to go to the casino. Now I've brought the casino to work! Well a little tiny, tiny part of it.

Make a tiny craps table out of office supplies (mostly).
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
glue stick (or is this a tool?)
little dice (from the star wars pocketmodel card game. I bought it for the pocket models and have never actually played the card game)

way too much down time at work


Step 2: Base

Picture of Base
First I printed out a picture of a craps table layout on regular paper in color.
Next glue the paper down to a piece of cardboard and then trim the cardboard to size.
Then wrap a strip of cardboard around edge and tape to the bottom.

Before anyone asks: Just do a google image search for "craps table layout" and "wood grain", they'll be really easy to find, and you can pick whichever ones you like best.

Step 3: Making it pretty

Picture of making it pretty
Print out a picture of wood grain and cut into strips.
coat the strips in glue and wrap the sides.
I coated the bottom too, but I suppose that's not neccessary.

Before anyone asks: Just do a google image search for "craps table layout" and "wood grain", they'll be really easy to find, and you can pick whichever ones you like best.

Step 4: Legs

Picture of legs
Make four equally sized triangles of cardboard, held together with pieces of tape.
Next wrap each leg with a strip of wood grain paper and glue.
Place two pieces of tape on the inner sides of the legs and attach to the bottom of the table.

Step 5: That weird rubber stuff at the end.

Picture of That weird rubber stuff at the end.
So on a real craps table there is a spikey textured foam rubber pad on each end of the table. I don't know what it's called, but it's there to add to the randomness of the dice throw, and so that you can't cheat by figuring out how to toss the dice the same every time.

I decided to use strips of velcro to create a tiny version of the same thing.

Basically just cut strips of the right size and adhere them to the ends.
BillN27 months ago

It's a great idea! But our employees basically play at an online casino, here is a list of the best Now go and offer them the office version))

nerd125 years ago
why not use old button battery's as the chips?
the small ones can be for small amounts and the larger ones can be more expensive.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
Re: Step 7:   

reads:             "dice stick"

should read:   'croupier's rake'
skimmo5 years ago
i was just about to say altoids, i agree
weasel9995 years ago
what about using an altoids tin for the table
j626no5 years ago
use clay....they sell clay in arts and crafts stores....roll it out on your counter and slice with a knife. lay out and let them dry. real chips are clay so this is a logical (and cool) choice
buckmcf5 years ago
Could you provide the Craps Table Printout that you used or a link to it?
aintMichael (author)  buckmcf5 years ago
Just do a google image search for "craps table layout". I'd rather not link to any sites that I have not gotten explicit permission to do so.
c14h20o45 years ago
You could buy (or steal) different colored poster board and use a hole punch to make your chips.
yopauly5 years ago
paper and the tiniest leather hole punch that has a hollow center like
yopauly5 years ago

Everything you need to know. Don't think you can win. I've seen every possible system. They only work SOME of the time. Don't buy a system, save your money and buy casino stock. It's the best shot you have if you want to gamble.
yopauly5 years ago
to be scale chips would have to be as thin as paper and a stack would be about a 1/8 tall. Real measurements are 1 1/2" diameter. A stack of 20 is 2 and 9/16ths. one check is about1/8 inch. A real Vegas table is anywhere from 10 feet( very small) to 16 feet(very big) The width is about 5 feet from outside to outside. BTW, what a cool little table. Very nice work. I worked in the field for 29 years.
mapson5 years ago
Great job! How about using discs sliced from a pencil eraser (or different colored erasers) as chips?
talty5 years ago
I love it! :D I don't work in an office but I still want to make it! It's perfect!

Well about the chips, you could use some clay to make them! Use a tiny cutter but they're a bit expensive. Maybe using the plastic tube of an empty pen would be a good cutter.
aintMichael (author)  talty5 years ago
I was thinking about using clay. I tested a couple types that I have around. The trouble is getting them out of the cutter with changing the shape too much. I think with some practice this may be the way to go, I just have to perfect the process.
finky5555 years ago
Awesome little table. I don't see any dimensions but from the look of the dice I think you could use the disks from a game called tiddlywinks. Finding the game could be a challenge since I haven't seen it around for many years but then I haven't looked for it either. Check it out here

The reason these would work well is that when you press down on an edge, the disk tips up making it easier to pickup than a cardboard disk.
aintMichael (author)  finky5555 years ago
well the table is a little shorter, but a little wider than a dollar bill, so I think those chips may be a little too big. To be to scale the chips would have to be about the size of a small nail head. What I was thinking of doing was actually just printing the board lager, say about the size of letter paper so that you could place bets on it instead of the table. It takes away a little bit of the fun in size, but I'm not sure that having chips that little would make it possible to even play or keep track on the table itself. I may just make a few tiny ones for fun, but I'd like to actually play a little as well.
DoH, I looked at everything but the bill to try to see the scale :) Tiny buttons would be perfect, the kind for infant clothes and they come in different colors and most likely available at WalMart. And a little bit of teachers stick'm on the end of a pencil would work to pick those tiny buttons up (the putty they use to stick paper to the blackboard, also available at WalMart). I just don't remember what it's called. Great looking table, you really gotta make it playable after such a good job.
Tiddly winks is readily available in Britain (search on, so you could buy it there. Obviously the shipping might be a bit steep though.
ERCCRE1235 years ago
how about using tiny pieces of metal to use as chips? cut them from somethhing like an altoids tin and use a magnet to pick them up/store
aintMichael (author)  ERCCRE1235 years ago
That's a pretty good idea, I would just have to think of a way to cut them consistently at that size, which may be fairly difficult.
Very nice. I might make myself one.
theRIAA5 years ago
lol, awesome. great handiwork.
aintMichael (author)  theRIAA5 years ago