Picture of Make a tiny, transparent kite from broom bristles.
This isn't the smallest kite in the world, but it's probably the smallest that most people will make.

Add to that the fact that it is made of no specialist materials at all, and you're ready to make a tiny marvel.

(I'll highlight the materials you need as we go along, but you can substitute many other materials at most stages)

Step 1: The Template

Picture of The Template
This kite is a shape known as a false eddy.

The Eddy kite was revolutionary in its day, the first diamond-shaped kite to fly without a tail, thanks to a unique bagginess to the sail. This version needs a tail because it has a traditionally-taught sail, and has simpler proportions.

The size is not important, but the proportions are. Based on a square, it is trimmed off by one quarter of one diagonal. The shortened diagonal is the centre-line of the kite.

The size of this kite is governed by the spars I used. For no particular reason, I chose to use the bristles from a yard-broom. The bristles were just over 7cm long, which made the basic square 5cm on a side.

I drew the template out on squared paper (the squares are 5mm across) to save the effort of constructing a proper square on plain paper.
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great instructable
Kiteman (author)  argha halder2 years ago
Thank you!
i made one today.the construction of our three storied building has been finished recently.and i went the top floor with it and gave it a ride.it was a windy night.i made the string long and it went very high at one stage the whole reel of string that was almost 50 feet went up.had huge amount of fun with it.thanks again!
Kiteman (author)  argha halder2 years ago
You're welcome!
Good luck flying this kite at 700 mph from a plane.
i also made tiny kites with this bristles, i have got red and yellow ones instead of brown.
at my work (in a decoration-atelier) we use the bristles for the antennas of our deco-butterflies and lobsters, so i could get some of them for tiny kites
And i uset tissue-paper instead of transparent foil for the kite-sail.

so i have got a hint for you:
You can bend the horicontal spar in the middle to get the same effect like the plastic-cross-peace of the kites in the toy-shop makes:
a curvature in shape of a 120° angle between the halves of the sail-surface.
a few days ago i baught a package of metallic mylar rescue-foil for less than 2€ (i think, that is cheap for a sheet from 1,60m x 2,10 m) because it is good for kite building

So i got the idea to build such a tiny kite from it, because it is very thin and light.
So it´s not a transparent kite, but a gold-silver kite that shines and twinkles in the sun.
Kiteman (author)  Kite builder4 years ago
It's amazing what sort of things will fly, isn't it?

If you look at step 3, I made an angle of 135º.  120º is more stable, but 135º gives slightly more lift, and a lively, twitchy flight that I like.

i thaught "This version needs a tail because it has a traditionally-taught sail, and has simpler proportions.
" at the beginning-text means, the sail is flat.
and in the picture above this text (under it there is a gridded sheed of paper with the template on it) the kite loks also flat
Kiteman (author)  Kite builder4 years ago
See the last picture of step 3 for the angle.

I based the proportions of this kite on an "Eddy" kite, which actually has a loose, baggy sail, held in place with a cord around the edges.

The bagginess of the sail means it can curve into a highly-stable dihedral.

See: http://www.kitemakers.org/classes/images/2007/eddycomposite.jpg

i want to make on after your plane with, but with 8 cm thailing edge
danelugdz6 years ago
Kiteman (author)  danelugdz6 years ago
Thank you!

(But what are the links for?)
dombeef Kiteman5 years ago
the links are for your entertaiment:P...first link is with my handmade collection and 2nd is 4fun
Could you try delta-shaped kites? I prefer those.
Kiteman (author)  nutsandbolts_645 years ago
It should work - I just prefer the aesthetics of a diamond kite.
silverfire5 years ago
On flying this kite, will it fly like his? --->


Or will other adjustments need to be made?
Kiteman (author)  silverfire5 years ago
If you can make it light enough, it should.

Maybe use cling film (saran wrap) as a sail, or use splinters of bamboo for the spines, shaved really thin.

Ashiko5 years ago
Thank you Kiteman for once again living up to your name and reputation so well with another wonderful 'ible.  I've just spent an afternoon making a variety of "false eddys"  The smallest is 6cm tip to tip. For the spars i split bamboo skewers down to about the thickness of a staple.The sail is food wrap, the tail is audio cassette tape, and it is flown using a filiment of hot glue "spider web" as a string.

thanks for all the ideas and inspiration over the years.  Please keep the premium quality 'ibles we all love coming.
Kiteman (author)  Ashiko5 years ago
Wow, I've never used hot-glue as a flight-line!

How long could you make it?
joelr975 years ago
i had a kite 1000 foot in the air yesterday i think! it is one of those iron man one like $3. i had 75 foot of string then a full thing of yarn lol it was fun not when we had to reel it in lol we scared birds with it tho that was funny
geek125976 years ago
does it fly?
Kiteman (author)  geek125976 years ago
It does, but it's sensitive to dirty air - fly it too close to your body or a building, and it will flit and flop about.
sharlston6 years ago
do you smoke kiteman?
Kiteman (author)  sharlston6 years ago
No, but I know a man who does.
oh thats good because when i find out people smoke i tend to dislike them a bit like your new avatar
aplauche6 years ago
i am glad to see there is someone as obsessed with kites as i am on instructables
Kiteman (author)  aplauche6 years ago
Not quite obsessed, but I have quite a collection.
No, not an obsession - more a compulsion...
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
One day, I'll tell you the history behind my username.
That'd be interesting, I thought I knew most of it already...
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
A secret?
Kiteman (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
It's not much really - a period of obsessive collection and making just as I got active online. The details mean more to Lira.
Fair enough, but couldn't you come up with a different reply instead of the exact same as the above?
Kiteman (author)  Kryptonite6 years ago
Couldn't you have just read the post I made above before asking if it was a secret?
It was more of a slightly sarcastic question, sorry.
well at any rate im glad to see there is someone who is into kites on instructables
nepheron6 years ago
WOW kiteman! Just a couple of week ago I got into making miniature kites. It's a great coincidence to see this instructable :) I have found that dried grass makes the very best spars (better than glass and possibly carbon), and tissue paper makes pretty good sails. If anyone here is having trouble with their kites behavior, pm me and we can probably do some troubleshooting and solve it.
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