Picture of Make a totally unusual ROUND, circular, non-quadrangular bag
Round bag, 26 cm in diameter, with zipped closure and zipped pocket on the front. Adjustable strap. Note: is round!

This is my latest and most frivolous sewing project. What use is a round bag, after all? Well, you can put things in it, and if necessary roll it down a hill. I had the idea for this bag months ago, but then got engrossed in other... well, less round projects. Now I've finally got around to it, and I'm delighted with it! Highly recommended for anyone who wants a round bag.

Difficulty level:
Because it uses bias tape, this bag is constructed right-side-out, with the bias tape then covering the messy seams. For this reason it's actually pretty simple to put together - fiddly, yes, but none of the inside-out spatial reasoning challenges of bags where you assemble the lining separately and leave a hole to pull it through, etc. etc.

The prototype is a small everyday shoulderbag size, but this tutorial is meant to inspire you - you can use the method described to make round purses and bags of all sizes. Just remember, when working out measurements: the perimetre (length around a circle) is the diametre multiplied by pi (3.14), and don't forget to add a small seam allowance to your non-circular pieces!

Someone told me about Instructables when I had already started on this bag, so the early stages are possibly a bit under-photographed. I will try to make the explanations nice and clear to make up for it.

jennybotha2 years ago
Love it, love it, love it !!!! THANKS for these clear, easy to follow instructions. you're a star
I love this bag! I was wondering if it would work with a more sturdy fabric like jean maybe? I'm wanting to make a Disc Golf bag to hold my Disc's (Thicker Frisbees.)
dprice153 years ago
How do you get the bias tape to lay perfectly flat on the round edge?
kaymcleod (author)  dprice153 years ago
It's quite a big circle, so the curve is gentle. Bias tape curves quite happily, since it's cut on the bias.

You just have to make sure your circle is more or less smooth before you start tacking on the bias tape - lumps and bumps in your cut edge will knock the bias tape out of line. Then, just go carefully with the tacking (roughly sewing the tape into position by hand with a needle using big stitches - you can pull out this thread after the next stage) and go slowly with the actual sewing, too.
Very nice! I would like to make one out of re-used Cheetos bag wrappers. With orange trim ( and fingers) of course.
awesome little project you have there. If I was a gurl i'd be all over this !
tesla945 years ago
 Super cute! It gave me something to do with an old Snoopy baby blanket I had laying around - I love the roundness!